Fidanza Flywheels

I also have a source for Zetec Focus flywheels. The price a fair and they are in stock. These are for the ZX3 motors. Price is $340 plus shipping. These flywheels weight about 9 lbs each a GREAT savings over the stock 22+lb Ford flywheel. Stock Focus clutch mountings. E-Mail me for details.

Stock Zetec Flywheels

1-Manual from a 2001 Escort
1-Automatic from a 2001 Focus

Fuel Injection Regulator
Fuel pressure regulater for use with the stock Zetec fuel rail. Two available. Only one available.

Lotus Europa S2 Rear Springs & Shocks
1 set rear KONI adjustable shocks & springs. These springs are the European version and may lower the nose below stock ride height. There are two Koni numbers stamped on the bottom of each shock: 80 1858 and 9302. Per records with the car, shocks were purchased in 1990.
Lotus Europa S2 non-stock front & rear springs European S2 stock length springs, nearly new. Power coated red. Slightly higher than stock S2 rates. IIRC 115# front and 85# rear. Includes Aluminum spacers to adjust the overall length of springs. Front free length 11" (12" with spacers). Rear 15" (15.5" with spacers).

Super-7 Magazine

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Lotus Europa photo albums

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