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If this is your first time, try using the geographical links first. RealtyGuide International contains links to millions of the Internet's real estate oriented resources, including private and public Multiple Listing Services, Realtors'« web sites, and realty professionals world-wide. You can find plenty of information to help you buy, sell or finance real estate. Alphabetically arranged links are presented with minimum graphics and are easy to load. Remember to hit your refresh or reload button in order to see the latest revisions to this site. There are menu bars or return button on every page. Many links are "one-way" so you may use your back arrow to return to RealtyGuide. See the menu definitions for more help.

Menu Definitions

Info - RealtyGuide's system information. What's new? How do I use it?

Geographic RealtyLinks - World wide real estate resources, geographically indexed (MLS, FSBO, listings, etc.)

Finance - Global financial resources and lenders, alphabetically sorted (apply for mortgages online!).

Business Directory - Resources galore! RealtyGuide's Real Estate Business Directory (Agent & broker resources).

Library - Realty-related Newsroom and Resource Library (Learn how to sell your house yourself).

Software - Real estate software to down-load and software vendors (Realty shareware & freeware, too).

Glossary - Definitions of common real estate, mortgage and credit terms.

Main - You're here now, at RealtyGuide's home page - the main index.

Look for yourself in RealtyGuide! If you have a real estate related site, then you belong here. Just click: Add-Link and give us the URL (address) to your site. We'll add it to the next RealtyGuide update, without cost.

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