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    The webmaster is George Dodge. You may reach him by phone at +1 336-468-0168 or via e-mail at (or by using the e-mail form found at the bottom of each RealtyGuide page).

    Question: What is RealtyGuide?

    It's a collection of hypertext links, or "pointers" to other sites on the World Wide Web. By clicking on the highlighted text, icon, or button, you are transferred to another place, which may be another file within RealtyGuide or another web site, possibly in another state or country. By jumping from site to site, you can literally encircle the globe! The sites shown on the following pages are linked. Just highlight or click on one to be connected. Because these sites are subject to change (that is, they come and go and move around a lot), I encourage you to help me maintain the list. If you know of a real estate oriented site that's not represented here, or if a linked site is no longer viable, please leave an e-mail message and we'll include it in the next update.

    Incidentally, you may noticed a lack of excessive graphics on RealtyGuide. That's not because we don't like 'em, can't do 'em or can't afford 'em (you'll notice that our pages are luxuriantly hand-crafted using only the finest ASCII) . The fact is, we don't think you call us for our graphics and don't want to slow you down in your quest for those fortunate few real estate sites that make lavish use of impressive graphics, forms and pictures.

    The mission of RealtyGuide is to provide a central collection point for global real estate information and hypertext links to all known real estate oriented web sites, to serve as a resource for real estate professionals and the public, and to provide a source of affordable, quality realty services utilizing World Wide Web technology and the full capabilities of the internet.

    Question: Why did you create RealtyGuide?

    The explosive growth of the Internet in the last few years has astonished everyone. The propagation of data is so great and the system is now so complex that hundreds of "search engines" have been developed to help users locate specific imformation. There are literally tens of thousands of "lists of lists" of reference material, but no central "menu" system for the entire Internet.

    When I began using a web browser to "surf the web" in early 1994, there were very few collections of reference to real estate information. I began to collect web site addresses for my own use. As the list grew, I realized I had amassed a valuable resource and I shared it with fellow Realtors®. The RealtyGuide list is today a dynamic resource, one which grows continuously through the contributions of its users. If you have a URL (a Univeral Resource Locator, or "address") of a web site to add to RealtyGuide, look for the Add-Link button on any page.

    I don't derive any income from this free service. It is my hope that it will be of help all real estate practitioners and those in allied fields, but more importantly to potential buyers and seller of real property. If my efforts help one young family buy an affordable home that they normally would not have found, then it will have been worthwhile.

    Question: When is RealtyGuide updated?

    New links are added when they become available. They are either contributed by the authors of a new site or their users. In many cases, I "stumble" across a new resource or site and add it immediatly. Be sure to select your browser's "Reload" option on a day to day basis, since the documents here are dynamic.

    The URL addresses become "stale", outdated or obsolete as sites change. If you receive a message that a specific site not longer exists or can not be found, please let me know and we'll correct the record.

    RealtyGuide cannot be responsible for the content of any site which is pointed to by these pages. We cannot mediate disputes and we cannot assume responsibility for the outcome of any purchase or exchange which ensues from the use of RealtyGuide service. We do not verify the integrity, availability, quality or viability of any product or service offered by the providers or advertisers.

    The date of the latest revision or any addition to the databases are shown at the bottom of each individual page.

    Question: Can I participate on RealtyGuide if I don't have a website?

    RealtyGuide is always being revised and new ideas are added every month. While we don't create web pages for a fee (as many sites do), all real estate professionals (or realty affiliates) who DO NOT have a website or home page are invited to participate in the "E-MAIL ONLY" referral page. Just leave a name, phone number and email address. We will manually include your information in a list of persons who can only be reached by e-mail. Click here: Referral List. You may read the resulting list, but don't expect to see your name on it immediately - it's still updated manually. Remember, if you do have a website or home page, please use the Add-Link form instead.

    Question: How do I use RealtyGuide effectively?

    This area is still under construction and the information is not complete. More information will be added in the future.

    RealtyGuide is a "menu" of sorts - a list of hypertext links to other real estate oriented websites and realty related internet resources, including sites reachable by ftp or gopher, newsgroups, and much more. The main index contains several major sections, which are explained on that page (see "Menu Definition"). There's a menu bar or a button on the bottom of every page that will bring you back to the main index.

    Because location is an integral part of real estate, RealtyGuide's main page is indexed geographically, then alphabetically. Divisions include continents or global areas, then countries, then states, then provinces or territories, counties, regions, and finally cities, towns or villages. When two or more sites exist within the same geographic area, they are listed alphabetically. Because a website may cover more than one single geographic location, we have attempted to identify the highest common demoninator. Therefore, some sites are listed by country ("USA: National"), meaning information exists at that website for various locations in the United States.

    Some sites may indicate a region, such as "CA: Southern region" (which means the site contains references to various locations in southern California). Perhaps an area is identified by a well known landmark, as in "CA: San Francisco Bay area". Other sites may serve a central area and outlaying suburbs, such as "TX: Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex" or "VA: Washington DC area". If you don't find you are looking for, or if a specific location is not listed, try searching links in a higher hierarchy. For example, if you are looking for property or contacts in San Jose, California (a large city about 30 miles south of San Francisco), then look first for "CA: San Jose". Then check out these links: "CA: San Jose area; CA: San Jose County; CA: San Francisco Bay area; CA: northern region; USA: National and Global Realty Info. There might be a major listing database listed under "Global" or "USA: National" that contains a few listings for San Jose, CA. There is more likely a large database or large multi-office company under "CA: Northern" or "CA: San Francisco Bay area" that has branch offices - and listings - in San Jose. Finally, under "CA: San Jose", "CA: San Jose County" or "CA: San Jose area", you will likely find individual offices or individual agents with websites or home pages.

    This list is a dynamic resource, constantly changing. We encourage you to identify the focus of your real estate WEBSITE with one or more of these abbreviations (searchable, using your browser's string-search function):

  • AOR = An ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® or BOARD OF REALTORS® (ie., a trade organization)
  • APPR = You are an APPRAISER
  • BLDR = You are a BUILDER or General Contractor
  • BUYR = You practice exclusive BUYER representation
  • CONSULT = You specialize in CONSULTING
  • DBS = Your site contains a SEARCHABLE DATABASE
  • DEV = You are a DEVELOPER
  • DISCOUNT = Discount or alternative brokerage
  • FARM = You specialize in FARM sales
  • FSBO = You are an unlicensed seller OR you offer "For Sale By Owner" listings
  • ICI = You specialize in Industrial, Commercial or Investment properties (specialties are indicated like this: ICI=Hotel )
  • LINKS = Your site contains links to other realty sites.
  • LIST = Your site contains a LIST of properties (with or without photos)
  • LND = You specialize in acreage, LAND and/or building lots
  • REF$ = You offer REFERRAL services
  • RELO= You are a RELOCATION specialist
  • RES = You specialize in RESIDENTIAL properties
  • RNT = You offer RENTALS online
  • PMGT = You specialize in PROPERTY MANAGEMENT
  • RANCH = You offer RANCHES for sale online
  • REO = You offer FORCLOSED properties online (bank, gov't or individual owned)
  • VAC = You Specialize in VACATION or resort properties
  • 1031 = You specialize in TAX DEFERRED EXCHANGES
  • $$$= You are a LENDER, note buyer, or deal in money, mortgages, etc.

    If there is no identifier, we assume the site is most likely focused on residential real estate.
  • The rest of the pages are indexed alphabetically.

    What's New on RealtyGuide?

    Continued Upgrading

    31MARR2008 -

    In a continuing effort to improve the value of RealtyGuide, the pages are being continually upgraded. We continue to add dozens of new links daily. Please continue to report any bad links that you encounter. Thank you!

    We're also adding some limited graphics to RealtyGuide. The original intent of this service was to provide a text-only search vehicle, but continued growth of the internet and acceptance of its technology by the real estate community calls for change. We'll keep it simple enough that all levels of users may be accomodated.

    We've added a powerful new search engine to RealtyGuide. The search command is located presently only on the front page. We will shortly add it to each additional page.

    © Copyright 1994-2008 by George Dodge, Realtor® - North Wilkesboro, North Carolina USA. All Rights Reserved.
    Telephone RealtyGuide at +1 336-468-0168 to buy or sell property anywhere in the world.
    Thanks for visiting RealtyGuide's website. Trademarks used herein are property of their respective owners.

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