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Mainly a way to put various sightings related to using these critters, in one place. I can't vouch for the accuracy of any of the items you read here, except to tell you that I didn't make it up.
Most complete: Calvin Harrigan's SunAmp page, where he describes the development of his car MP3 player, using the SV-2020 (at least in early stages). He has kindly made the source code for the whole project available; here are the header and source code files for the remote. Judging by his comments in email, he had some but not all of the controllers functioning.

Sept 21, 1999: Phil Galbiati posted a message to comp.os.linux.x, in which he requested help with using the device under X, and described what he'd discovered about the SV-2020's output (I'll repost that here, once I get permission; meanwhile find it on

Other Tidbits

from Slashdot:
I 've done it, and I use it
by Anonymous Coward on Sunday November 29, @05:43PM
The Interact Controller is just a serial mouse that uses the MS protocol. It has a baud of 2400. If you want to use it under X with your normal mouse, You have to put the cordless under the Xinput section of XF86Config. Make sure you include the AlwaysCore option so that they can both be used without a software switch. Just don't use them simultaneouly or else X goes a little wacko. I don't know how to use the keyad buttons however.

(from winamp discussion page) "sMoKeY Smack-Fu Master, in training " posted March 01, 2000 18:01 I was in my local Office Max about a month ago and I spotted the Web Remote Professional made by InterAct. Essentially, it is a Infrared Mouse shaped like a remote control, with a small keypad on the bottom. It comes with software so you can program the buttons, but it also has a trackball and 2 mouse buttons, so you can really control anything you want. I picked one up for $17.99, and so far it has been pretty good for me using ATI's TV player and WinAmp. Only problem is that it doesn't get along very well with other serial port devices, so you might have to switch to a PS/2 mouse if you are using serial.

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