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Threaded, adjustable Cable Clamps make precise cable rigging jobs easy! 
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If you have ever installed new cables in an ultralight, or you are building an experimental homebuilt or ultralight aircraft, then you know how demanding that job can be. Here is a simple and effective tool that will make it easy to obtain excellent results.

One end of the cable is constructed and crimped normally, and installed in the structure. The other end of the cable runs to its destination, and is threaded through the mounting hole, with the wire thimble and NICO sleeve in place. This NICO sleeve is not crimped, until the cable is pulled to the correct length and tension.

Now, this new tool will make things easy to make the final adjustments. Install the Cable Clamp as shown in the pictures, pull out any excess slack, and the cable can be tensioned properly, simply by adjusting the nut on the threaded rod with a small wrench. Adjustment of the nut will change the length of the loop in the cable end. Cables can be set to precise lengths, and to the desired tensions. When everything is set correctly, then the last NICO sleeve is crimped on that cable, and the job is done.

These new Cable Clamps are designed by experienced ultralight manufacturers. The working length of the cable inself will not be damaged or deformed by this clamp, due to the aluminum alloy used for that part of the clamp. The "free" end of the cable will be cut off, normally.

We recommend that these clamps be purchased in pairs, with enough Cable Clamps on hand to rig the right and left wings at the same time. One Cable Clamp is needed, for each cable.

The Introductory Price is US$23.50 each, plus one US$15.00 charge for shipping within the USA (via UPS Ground) and handling per order, for any quantity. Please specify for 3/32" or 1/8" cable.

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