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What is a Great Highland Bagpipe?
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The Great Highland Bagpipe (GHB) is native to Scotland and is the pipe most people think of when bagpipes are mentioned. Main pipe components include a bag, a blowstick, a number of single-reed drone pipes (usually three), and a double-reed chanter. The GHB is usually played in a standing position with the bag held between the piper's arm and side. The drones rest against the piper's shoulder and point upward. The bag provides a constant supply of air to the pipes, and is inflated by blowing into it through the blowstick. The piper produces sound by inflating the bag and applying pressure to the bag with the arm. The air escapes through the drones and chanter, via reeds placed within each pipe. The drones produce a constant tone in accompaniment to the chanter. The GHB usually has three drones: two tenor drones tuned an octave below the chanter's low A, and a longer bass drone tuned one octave below the tenor drones. The chanter usually has eight finger holes, two tone holes, and a range of nine notes from low G to high A.
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