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How do I fix a double toning F?
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I have been asked if due to my experience what I recommend to cure a good reed but it has double toning F or the tendency to do it.

First let me try to expain just what happens to the reed to cause this...;-

a) The reed cane is like a lot of water ducts and as soon as moisture starts to be applied the sound box swells opening the sound box, causing the F to double tone. This all depends upon the hardness or softness of the cane also whether its fully seasoned or not

b) Some chanters due to their internal geometry also tend to enhance this situation while others existing chanter the F tends to dip or go flater in this condition it doesnt tend to double tone...

This double toning F can be cured in most

a) Gently squeeze the sound box ...lightly blow by mouth to ensure the F is fine or no longer dopuble toning...then place a hemp bridle about 3/16 inch up from the hemp from the staple on the sound box.
I say hemp as all you are trying to do is to STOP the sound box from enlarging so hemp does this just fine I usually like to thermo wax the hemp first. Not too tight just enough to control the sound box thats all . Do not use Elastic bands or O rings these tend to put a constant spring pressure on the sound box thereby continually squeezing closer...
Once you feel the reed is totally can remove the bridle...if you squeeze the reed sound box too close it will be come very weak and worthless. sometimes can be brought back by attempting to squeeze the sound box open

Good luck

5/10/00 Jerry Gibson

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2000-May-10 13:55
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