Other Revelations/Commandments (1829-1855)

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Oliver Cowdery, 1829

Commandment to Oliver Cowdery received in [circa June] 1829

A Commandment from God unto Oliver [Cowdery] how he should build up his church & the manner thereof

Saying Oliver [Cowdery] listen to the voice of Christ your Lord & your God & your Redeemer & write the words which I shall command you concerning my Church my Gospel my Rock & my Salvation. Behold the world is ripening in iniquity & it must needs be that the children of men are stirred up unto repentance both the Gentiles & also the House of Israel for behold I command all men every where to repent & I speak unto you even as unto Paul mine apostle for ye are called even with that same calling with which he was called Now therefore whosoever repenteth & humbleth himself before me & desireth to be baptized in my name shall ye baptize them

And after this manner did he command me that I should baptize them Behold ye shall go down & stand in the water & in my name shall ye baptize them And now behold these are the words which ye shall say calling them by name saying Having authority given me of Jesus Christ I baptize you in the name of the Father & of the Son & of the Holy Ghost Amen And then shall ye immerse them in the water & come forth again out of the water & after this manner shall ye baptize in my name For behold verily I say unto you that the Father & the Son & the Holy Ghost are one & I am in the Father & the Father in me & the Father & I are one.

And ye are also called to ordain Priests & Teachers according to the gifts & callings of God unto men & after this manner shall ye ordain them Ye shall pray unto the Father in my name & then shall ye lay your hand[s] upon them & say In the name of Jesus Christ I ordain you to be a Priest or if he be a Teacher I ordain you to be a Teacher to preach repentance & remission of sins through Jesus Christ by the endurance of faith on his name to the end Amen

And this shall be the duty of the Priest He shall kneel down & the members of the Church shall kneel also which Church shall be called The Church of Christ & he shall pray to the Father in my name for the church & if it so be that it be built upon my Rock I will bless it And after that ye have prayed to the Father in my name ye shall preach the truth in soberness casting out none from among you but rather invite them to come

And the Church shall oft partake of bread & wine & after this manner shall ye partake of it The Elder or Priest shall minister it & after this manner shall he do he shall kneel with the Church & pray to the Father in the name of Christ & then shall ye say O God the Eternal Father we ask thee in the name of thy Son Jesus Christ to bless & sanctify this bread to the souls of all those who partake of it that they may eat in remembrance of the body of thy Son & witness unto thee O God the Eternal Father that they are willing to take upon them the name of thy Son & always remember him & keep his commandments which he hath given them that they may always have his spirit to be with them Amen

And then shall ye take the cup & say O God the Eternal Father we ask thee in the name of thy Son Jesus Christ to bless & sanctify this wine to the souls of all those who drink of it that they do [it] in remembrance of the blood of thy Son which was shed for them that they may witness unto thee O God the Eternal Father that they do always remember him that they may have his spirit to be with them Amen

And now behold I give unto you a commandment that ye shall not suffer any one knowingly to partake of my flesh & blood unworthily when ye shall minister it for whoso eateth & drinketh my flesh & blood unworthily eateth & drinketh damnation to his soul Therefore if ye know that a man is unworthy to eat & drink of my flesh & blood ye shall forbid him nevertheless ye shall not cast him out from among you but ye shall minister unto him & shall pray for him unto the Father in my name & if it so be that he repenteth & is baptized in my name then shall ye receive him & shall minister unto him of my flesh & blood but if he repenteth not he shall not be numbered among my people that he may not destroy my people For behold I know my Sheep & they are numbered nevertheless ye shall not cast him out of your Synagogues or your places of worship for unto such shall ye continue to minister for ye know not but what they will return & repent & come unto me with full purpose of heart & I shall heal them & ye shall be the means of bringing Salvation unto them Therefore keep these sayings which I have commanded you that ye come not under condemnation for wo unto him whom the Father condemneth

And the church shall meet together oft for prayer & sup[p]lication casting out none from your places of worship but rather invite them to come And each member shall speak & tell the church of their progress in the way to Eternal life And there shall be no pride nor envying nor strifes nor malice not idoletry [idolatry] nor witch crafts nor whoredoms nor fornications nor covetiousness [covetousness] nor lying nor deceits nor no manner of iniquity & if any one is guilty of any or the least of these & doth not repent & show fruits meat for repentance they shall not be numbered among my people that they may not destroy my people

And now I speak unto the Church Repent all ye ends of the Earth & come unto me & be baptized in my name which is Jesus Christ & endure to the end & ye shall be saved Behold Jesus Christ is the name which is given of the Father & there is none other name given whereby men can be saved Therefore all men must take upon them the name which is given of the Father for in that name shall they be called at the last day Therefore if they know not the name by which they are called they cannot have place in the Kingdom of my Father Behold ye must walk uprightly before me & sin not & if ye do walk uprightly before me & sin not my grace is sufficient for you that ye shall be lifted up at the last day

Behold I am Jesus Christ the Son of the living God I am the same which came unto my own & my own received me not I am the light which shineth in darkness & the darkness comprehendeth it not these words are not of men nor of man but of me Now remember the words of him who is the first & the last the light & the life of the world And I Jesus Christ your Lord & your God & your Redeemer by the power of my Spirit have spoken it Amen - And now if I have not authority to write these things judge ye behold ye shall know that I have authority when you & I shall be brought to stand before the judgment seat of God Now may [the grace] of God the Father & our Lord Jesus Christ be & abide with you all & [lacuna in MS] save you Eternally in his Kingdom through the Infinite atonement which is in Jesus Christ Amen

Behold I am Oliver [Cowdery] I am an Apostle of Jesus Christ by the will of God the Father & the Lord Jesus Christ Behold I have written the things which he hath commanded me for behold his word was unto me as a burning fire shut up in my bones & I was weary with forbearing & I could forbear no longer Amen

Written in the year of our Lord & Saviour 1829 -- A true Copy of the articles of the Church of Christ &C

(Manuscript in LDS archives. See Robert J. Woodford, "The Historical Development of the Doctrine and Covenants," Ph.D. diss., Brigham Young University, 1974, 287-90.)

William E. McLellin

Revelation given to William E. McLellin on 10 February 1847 at Kirtland, Ohio

Verily I the Lord say unto those who are now present, who have bowed before me and unitedly asked in the name of Jesus, to know my will, I am not angry with you, but the Angels rejoice over you when they behold your faith in me; and your willingness to receive light and truth at my hand. And if you will continue to be united in my name, and keep the covenant which you have now made that you will always obey my voice, and always seek unto me when you lack wisdom; verily I the Lord, will lift you up, and no power of evil shall ever prevail against you: but I will bless you and lead you, and I will be your Ruler in time, and in eternity you shall dwell with me in peace. It is my will that in as much as you have taken upon you my name that you should now be freed from all your dead works, from all evil spirits, and from all unrighteousness, by being born into the church by obedience to the ordinances of baptism and confirmation, that I may build up unto myself a holy people, zealous of good works; who will walk with me by faith, and be prepared when the face of the covering shall be taken off of all flesh, and heaven be revealed unto men. Come then unto me and I will own you. Let me servant William [E. McLellin], who has separated himself unto me, to obey the voice of my spirit, though all manner of evil be spoken against him therefor, repent and turn away henceforth from all blindness of mind, and harshness of spirit, and fear of evil doers; and let him trust in me continually for deliverance, and I the Lord will hold him in mine own hands, and fulfil all my promises to him.

And now in as much as you desire to know my will and how you shall go forward to please me, as you have taken upon you the name of Christ, mine Anointed, then it will be pleasing unto me that you should also take upon you mine ordinances of baptism and confirmation, and then re-ordination - or rather a confirmation of the holy authority of the Priesthood which you have received in my church. Yea, let my servant William [E. McLellin] baptize and confirm, and then re-ordain my servnat [servant] Martin [Harris]. And thus shall be confirm his authority upon him by the laying on of hands and saying, Brother Martin I lay my hands upon you in the name of Jesus Christ, and I re-ordain you, and confirm upon you the office of high priest in the church of Christ, after the holy order of the Son of God. And I pray God in the name of Jesus, his son, to give unto you in your calling, all the gifts and blessings and powers thereof, and keep you faithful unto the end, amen. And then let my servant Martin [Harris] administer unto my servant William [E. McLellin] in the same manner, according to the same pattern. And then let my servant Leonard [Rich] likewise receive the same ministration.

Yea, let my servants William [E. McLellin] and Martin [Harris] and Leonard [Rich], do as the spirit of truth now directs them, and in which they feel a clearness, and I the Lord will open the way before you as seemeth to me good, and no power shall stay my hand, but I will accomplish my work and that speedily. For gainsayers shall be confounded, but my people who know my voice and follow me shall rejoice and continue to rejoice; and the glory shall be ascribed unto me, instead of unto man.

And now concerning the authority of my servant David [Whitmer], I would say unto you that no man being directed by my spirit will ever condemn what my spirit now teaches you. Go forward then, that my designs in the work of the last days may prosper in your hands. And now I say unto you, to always trust in me, and you shall never be confounded, worlds without end, amen."

(The Ensign of Liberty 1 [Aug. 1849]:100-101, Kirtland, Ohio.)

David Whitmer

Revelations given to David Whitmer on 7-8 September 1847 at Far West, Missouri

[No. 1]

Verily, verily thus saith the Lord unto you my servants David [Whitmer], and John [Whitmer], and William [E.McLellin], and Jacob [Whitmer], and Hiram [Page], it is for my name's sake saith the Lord God of hosts, that your sins are now forgiven, and that you shall have my word concerning you. Therefore marvel ye not that I the Lord your God have dealt with you on this wise, concerning you on this land. Behold I have looked upon you from the beginning, and have seen that in your hearts dwelt truth, and righteousness. And now I reveal unto you my friends, through my beloved son, your Savior. And for the cause of my church it must needs have been that ye were cast out from among those who had polluted themselves and the holy authority of their priesthood, that I the Lord could preserve my holy priesthood on earth, even on this land on which I the Lord have said Zion should dwell.

Now marvel not that I have preserved you and kept you on this land. It was for my purpose, yea even for a wise purpose, that the world and my church should not know, speaking after your manner of language; for my church for a time did not dwell on earth, - speaking of the righteousness of the church of Christ. For verily, verily saith the Lord, even Jesus, your Redeemer, they have polluted my name, and have dome continually wickedness in my sight, therefore shall they be led whithersoever I will and but few shall remain to receive their inheritances. Therefore I say unto you my son David [Whitmer], fear not, for I am your Lord and your God; and I have held you in my own hands. You shall continue your inheritance on this my holy land; and it is for a wise purpose in me, which purpose shall be revealed hereafter.

It is even for the testimony that all those who are present have borne and remain honest therein, that the covenants that I the Lord have given you should be kept sacred on this land, and were it not so, you could not now receive wisdom at my hand. For I the Lord had decreed that my people, who had taken upon them my holy name, should not pollute the land by the holy authority of their priesthood. Now I say unto you that my church may again arise, she must acknowledge before me that they all have turned away from me and built up themselves. Even in the pride of their own hearts have they done wickedness in my name, even all manner of abominations, even such that the people of the world never was guilty of.

Therefore I the Lord have dealt so marvelously with my servant William [E. McLellin]. Therefore I have poured out my spirit upon him from time to time, that the 'man of sin' might be revealed through him. To him I have given my Holy Spirit. I have inspired his heart to discern the true principles of my kingdom, that he may again build up my church as from the beginning. Therefore I have inspired him to build it up according to my law. Therefore he shall continue to do all things according to the pattern that I have shown to him. Now I say unto you my servant William [E. McLellin], that you may not err, be meek and humble before me, and you shall always know by my spirit the correct principles of my kingdom. Therefore I the Lord command you to instruct all the honest in heart, and to break down all those false theories and principles of all those who claim to hold authority from my church. - And the work that thou shalt do in my kingdom shall be to preach and to gather out those who are honest in heart, withersoever thou canst find them.And after this mission thou shalt return towards thy home and preach whereever my spirit commands thee. For I have a work for thee to do in the land where thy family resides. For there shalt thy work commence.

Thou shalt build up my church even in the land of Kirtland, and set forth all things pertaining to my kingdom. Thou shalt write concerning the downfall of those who once composed my church, and set forth to the world by the light and power of my spirit, why I the Lord did not prosper them. For verily, verily thus saith the Lord unto you, thine heart have I prepared to do this work. It must needs be, in as much as they have all wandered and been led astray in many instances, that they must now be proven and tried, so that they may learn to keep my law, and do my will, saith the Lord your God. And if they prove themselves holy before me, then they shall have my word and my law from Zion. Therefore have I the Lord said that 'the meek shall inherit the earth,' even so, amen.

(Ensign of Liberty 1 [Aug. 1849]:101-102)

[No. 2]

Behold I the Lord, say unto you my friends, in as much as you have covenanted to be my friends, and to keep all my commandments, I will reveal unto you this mystery, which you have sought for; that in as much as it was expedient in me to preserve my church or a remnant thereof, agreeable to the covenants which I have made with all the holy saints from the beginning of the world. - Therefore as I had built up my kingdom according to my holy order, and placed you upon this land, and consecrated you to the holy order of my priesthood, therefore my servant David [Whitmer] if thou should'st leave this land, and those of thy brethren who have remained with thee, then you shall forfeit your right and make the word of God of none effect. For I have said unto you in days past and gone, that but few should remain to receive their inheritances. Therefore a commandment I give unto you my servant David [Whitmer], and also my servants John [Whitmer], and Hiram [Page], and Jacob [Whitmer], that you must remain until I command you, and then you shall only be permitted to visit the faithful in my kingdom. For now ye do hold the right of this, the consecrated land of Zion, that in the fulness of time your brethren may claim by right of the covenant which ye have kept, inheritances in the land of Zion. Now I say unto you all, that from time to time ye shall see and know by my Spirit all things pertaining to these words which I have now given you. Now I say no more unto you concerning this matter, even so, amen.

(Ibid., 102-103)

[No. 3]

Verily, verily thus saith the Lord your God, unto my servant William [E. McLellin], as I have shown unto you at many a time by the power of my spirit, that I have called you to my work. Therefore I admonish you to be meek and lowly in heart, that you may have my spirit always to be with you. For it must needs be that you must have my spirit, even the spirit of discernment. For thou shalt discern between the righteous and the wicked, for there will be many spirits which shall manifest themselves in the church of Christ. And it must needs be that my servants who teach my people must discern all these things. Therefore I have given you the pattern, and the power, and the wisdom, and the understanding, to build up my church in Kirtland, to be a standard and a light to the inhabitants of the earth, that they may know that the church of Christ is established here on earth. And I the Lord will that you should teach my servants at Kirtland, and else-where, to adhere to the order of my church as it is written in the holy scriptures; that all who have not obeyed the gospel in my church may be taught the principles of my church in the light of truth and righteousness, in all holiness and meekness before me, saith your God. For it is wisdom in me saith the Lord, that my people who name my name should observe harmony and good order, that the truth of God may prevail among the children of men.

(Ibid., 103)

[No. 4]

Now again I the Lord say unto you my servant William [E. McLellin], that you must be contented with what you have received concerning Zion. Thou shalt again return to the land of Kirtland, and there thou shalt teach and expound, and write all things concerning my kingdom. For to thee have I given power, and in as much as you ask wisdom concerning those matters relative to my church, thou shalt in no wise stumble. For I the Lord willeth that my people should know the great preparation that must be brought about in establishing this last kingdom. Therefore I command thee to do all things in wisdom; and set forth no points concerning the redemption of Zion, for that matter remaineth with me, and I shall see to it as seemeth me good, that I may have all the glory thereof. Therefore it must needs be that you instruct all my servants concerning these matters, and this for my cause's sake. - And thou shalt teach them to instruct all men that they are only called to preach the gospel, and build up the church of Christ here on earth, according to that which is written. - Now I say unto you, my servant William [E. McLellin], to thee have I given wisdom and light, therefore teach them in spirit and in truth, and thou shalt be blessed in thy calling. And now you know your calling, therefore see to it, and I will bless you forever; Amen.

(Ibid., 104)

Gladden Bishop

Extract from a Revelation to Francis Gladden Bishop received in [circa 8 April] 1851 at Kirtland, Ohio


A PROCLAMATION From the Lord to His people, scattered throughout all the Earth

Thus saith the Lord, even Jesus Christ, the everlasting Father-He who was, and is, and is to come-the first and the last: Behold I have again commenced a work on the earth, even that spoken of in the Book of Mormon, when I would bring forth the greater things to those who receive the Book of Mormon

And therefore have I again sent mine Holy Angels even as to Joseph [Smith] at the first and put into the hands of my servant Gladden [Bishop] the same sacred things which I put into the hands of my servant Joseph; and also other sacred things which have been hid up, to come forth when I should set up my Kingdom on the earth.

And therefore that my word might be fulfilled, and also that my people might believe, have I caused that my servant Gladden [Bishop] should call Witnesses of these things; even he, who was one of the three Witnesses to the Book of Mormon, (viz: my servant Martin [Harris], and also my daughter Phebe [Bishop's wife], whom I have called these many years that she might be a witness in this, my great and glorious work, which I have now begun, and which shall never be overthrown;) and behold! my Witnesses have borne their testimony before my people in this place, yea, and in my house, even that which my people have built and dedicated unto me in Kirtland. . . .

(A Proclamation From the Lord to His people, scattered throughout all the Earth, 8 April 1851, Kirtland, Ohio)

Martin Harris

Extracts from a Proclamation of Martin Harris received in [circa 13] May 1851 at Cleveland, Ohio

A PROCLAMATION And a warning voice unto all people, first to all Kings, Governors and Rulers in Authority, and unto every kindred[,] tongue and people under the whole heavens, to whom this word shall come, greeting:

MOSES, ELIAS, ELIJAH and JOHN set forth and declare the word of the Lord unto you. Hear ye! Hear ye! Lo the trumpet is sounding-this is the last and eleventh hour-the day of the Lord's controversy with the nations of the earth and all the people of the earth; hear ye! Listen, O islands of the sea and hear the voice of the Lord unto all kings and rilers and to all that in every place that call on the name of the Lord.

A voice from mount zion, the city of the Living God the day is frawing nigh-that awful day- behold this word is spoken by Moses, Elias, Elijah and John, to prepare the way for the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ in the clouds of heaven . . .

. . . for behold this is the word of the proclamation that we, Moses, Elias, Elijah, and John have appeared unto many to declare unto them and now command it to be written and sent out unto all people . . .

And to my servant and friend whose name is held in sacred remembrance in the councils of the just, and who is called the messenger of the covenant, and who was first called among the sons of Ephraim to set forth in order the dispensation of the fulness of times--he it is to whom the key of knowledge has been given to go forth in the power of Elijah, and to bear off the ark of the Lord in wisdom and in power; for he shall be filled with light and his bowles shall be as a fountain of knowledge; and none shall gainsay or resist his words; nor shall he be confounded, and he shall divide the inheritance to the saints by lot, when Zion shall be established in the glory and power of her king. And all who know the power and glory of this work of the gathering up of the sons of Israel for Zion and for the organization of the Church and house of the Lord, shall know this servant and messenger when they hear his voice, for he speaketh the words of Elijah, and is sent to do the work of Elijah, and feareth not to sacrifice, that the kingdom and the glory thereof might be one. And this my servant is now standing in your midst, and ye know him not. . . . We come to administer to you in spirit, for our bodies are not yet risen from the dead; yet still we are bodies of spirit, or have spiritual bodies.

(A Proclamation And a warning voice unto all people, first to all Kings, Governors and Rulers in Authority, and unto every kindred[,] tongue and people under the whole heavens, to whom this word shall come, greeting, Cleveland, [Ohio], 13 May 1855)

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