Norseman, Norseman,
From whence did thou come?
From over the waters,
From the land of the midnight sun.

Norseman, Norseman,
Whence shall thou go?
West to the barren plans,
To await winters snow.

Norseman, Norseman
Thy maker shalt thou see.
An early spring grave,
And a legacy.

Norseman, Norseman
Thy name shall live on.
Through the span of years,
From father to son.

C. Robert Sanders


The Beaver Creek Story

The missing orphans of Osten & Aase Sondresson

Osten & Aase Sondresson Bakka
Bakkajord, Tinn, Telemark, Norway

The following pages describe the unfortunate events of Osten & Aase Sondresson and their children after they migrated in 1837 to the Beaver Creek Settlement near the Illinois/Indiana border. Their first spring there, malaria spread through the settlement killing a large number of the settlers. Osten & Aase Sondresson Bakka, and possibly one daughter (Margit), were among the dead. The epidemic and numerous deaths in the settlement caused panic Those that remained fled for their lives. In the confusion, the six orphans of Osten & Aase were separated, some never to see each other again.

The Beaver Creek Tragedy

The Orphans:
Kari (Caroline) Sanderson
Margit (Margaret) Sanderson
Ellen Sanders Kimball
Harriet Sanders Kimball
Sondra Sanders Sr.
Asse Sanderson
Ole (George) Sanderson

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