Newt Andrus
John Avery
Dean Babcock
Bonnie Baker*
Gary Bennett
Bruce Bingham
Eldean Booth
Robert Bradshaw
Charles Burgess
Susan Bushman
Lowell Card
Bob Carter
Diane Carver
Ralph Childs
Lynn Clark
Robert Clark
Barton Cooper
Tom Crowther
Karen Curtis*
Doyle Davis
DeLoy Dennis
Charlotte Edmunds
Glen Gilchrist
Tom Gleason
Pat Hancock
Janet Hicken
Rosalee Hilton*
Richard Hintze
Dee Horsley
Betty Lynn Jacobsen
Kent Jarvis
Dennie Jones
Karen Knudsen
Carolann Lambert
Walt Layton
Carole Lee
Reed Lloyd*
Robert Martin
Gerry McDonald
Bert Mitchell
William Mitchell
Roger Mitoray
Ellen Nielson
Dick Oaks
Harry Payne
Pat Pierce
Smoot Pierpont
Doug Pond
Gloria Prestwich
Katherine Pritchett
Sondra Read
Robert Ream
Kay Reimschussel
Lance Rich
Paul Ripple
Lana Rowan
Duane Simmons
Al Smith*
Richard Snow
Barbara Tate
Edyth Watts
Janice Watts
Stan Workman
Steve Worsley









The Class of 1960 held its 50th Anniversary Reunionon Thursday, July 1, 2010 at 6:30 pm.

Class members met first at BY Highfor a tour of the school. Then group photos were taken.

All 35 of our class members present reassembled for dinner in the beautiful yard of Newt &

Kris Andrus in Orem. Steve Worsley, a professional caterer, served a beautiful spread.

For those who are not class members, Steve is also our class member!

The Worsley dinner menu included grilled salmon, pork loin, platters of fresh fruit,

tossed green salad, rolls, and cherry cheesecake. It was fantastic!

Our reunion program consisted of each of our class members giving a two-minute

report of what they had been doing for the past 50 years!

Special accomplishments and funny embarrassing moments were shared while

members werre coming to the mike.

We enjoyed two special performances: First, Lowell Card played an fun Irish jig on a

diddle, and then Janet Hicken Frazier did a imitation of Patsy Cline's "I have his class

ring, but she has you" -- it was really funny.

Reunion Committee members were Co-Chairs Lana Rowan Moon and Richard Hintze,

and also Newt Andrus, Lance Rich & Steve Worsley.

Great Thanks everyone who came, and to many others who

helped us locate our lost class members.

Everyone had a great time. Additional pictureswere taken at Newt's by Steve Carter,

and they are available from Steve by emailing him at sgc@xmission.com




Class of 1960 50th Year Reunion in 2010

1 - Sondra Read 2 - Kathy Pritchett 3 - Betty Lynn Jacobsen 4 - Ellen Nielson
5 - Diane Carver 6 - Doyle Davis 7 - Eldean Booth 8 - Carolann Lambert 9 - Karen Knudsen
10 - Barbara Tate 11 - Lynn Clark 12 - Ken Burgess 13 - Janet Hicken 14 - Tom Crowther
15 - Richard Hintze 16 -Duane Simmons 17 - Harry Payne 18 - Lana Rowan 19 - Kent Jarvis
20 - Robert Ream 21 - Dick Oaks 22 - John Avery 23 - Billy Mitchell 24 - Walt Layton
25 - Gerry McDonald 26 - Doug Pond 27 - Bob Clark 28 - Bruce Bingham 29 - Lance Rich
30 - Lowell Card 31- Pat Hancock 32 - Newt Andrus 33 - Steve Worsley 34 - Bert Mitchell

(roll cursor over pictures for identification)

1 - Ellen Nielson 2 - Betty Lynn Jacobsen 3 - Kathy Pritchett 4 - Janet Hicken
5 - Pat Hancock 6 - Lana Rowan 7 - Eldean Booth 8 - Karen Knudsen 9 - Walt Layton
10 - Carolann Lambert 11 - Newt Andrus 12 - Doyle Davis 13 - John Avery
14 - Doug Pond 15 - Kent Jarvis 16 - Ken Burgess 17-Richard Hintze 18 - Gerry McDonald
19 - Tom Crowther 20 - Diane Carver 21 - Bob Clark 22 - Lowell Card
23 - Bert Mitchell 24 - Duane Simmons 25 - Dick Oaks



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