Setup Instructions for Internet Explorer 5.0 and Windows 98

To Set Search as your Default Homepage:

From the Menu Bar select Tools | Internet Options | General Tab
In the Address field type: file:///D:/homepage/search7.htm, assuming Search7.htm is in a sub-folder called Homepage on D:\.

You may want to leave the version number off and just use Search.htm instead of Search7.htm.
You could then rename an update to search.htm and copy it over the previous version.

An easier way is to double-click the file to launch it in the IE browser and then on the Menu Bar click Tools | Internet Options | General Tab. Click the 'Use Current' button and Search will be your Homepage.

To Put a Shortcut to Search on your Desktop (If you don't want to make it your Homepage):

Double-click on the filename to launch it in the IE browser. Adjust the browser window so you can see the desktop.
Click on the icon to the immediate left of the address that begins file:///... and drag it to your desktop.

Search is optimized for a display resolution of 1024 x 768 and Large Fonts.
If you are using Small Fonts and Internet Explorer is Maximized (full screen), Search will be offset
to the left, leaving a blank area on the right side of the page.

To Change from Small Fonts to Large Fonts:

Start | Settings | Control Panel | Display | Settings Tab | Advanced Button and select Large Fonts from the drop down window.
Changing font size is optional, according to your preference.

You should have four files on this floppy disk:

search7.htm money3.htm acodes.htm setup.htm

Note that Money, Acodes, and Setup can be accessed from Search (Access to Sub-pages) if they have been copied to the same folder.
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