Glen Cook : Short Fiction : Soldier of an Empire Unacquainted with Defeat

Editions : USA

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Soldier of an Empire Unacquainted with Defeat

The Berkley Showcase Vol. 2
New Writings in Science Fiction and Fantasy

Publisher : A Berkley Book published by arrangement with the authors
Editor : Victoria Schochet & John Silbersack
Publish Date : August 1980
ISBN : 0-425-04553-6
Price : $2.25 USD
Pages : 200
Cover Art : Robert Courtney
Cover Blurb :

The empire of the title is Shinsan - The Dread Empire. The soldier is Tain, disillusioned with his past life and seeking peace and a new identity. But the difficulties of leaving one's past behind are insurmountable and Tain must finally accept what he is - a soldier of an empire unacquainted with defeat. For those of you who have read and enjoyed Cook's wonderful Dread Empire books, and for those of you who haven't yet, here is another piece of that world