Glen Cook : Biography : Briefs

From Sunrise(1973):

Glen Cook's first novel The Heirs of Babylon was published by Doubleday. He has also written a fantasy novel entitled A Shadow of All Night Falling "which I've made no serious attempt to sell because my editoress says no one is publishing them these days." It so happens that I've read the ms of All Night, and one of you book editors out there ought to contact Glen about it 'cause it's far better than the shit you're currently filling the bookshelves with. The man himself: "I'm very tall (6' 5") heavily-built, and shaggy, not at all a writer image. I should be raiding the English coast or playing football, not living by my wits... I attended the University of Missouri, where I majored in Psychology, a singularly useless undertaking if ever there was one, and I am currently employed by General Motors locally, doing work so dull that I almost have to write to stay sane."

From In The Wind(1975):

Glen Cook is a graduate of the Clarion Writers' Workshop. His short stories have appeared in magazines and anthologies, and he is the author of a novel, The Heirs of Babylon (NAL, Signet, 1972). He makes his home in St. Louis, Missouri.

From The Seventh Fool(1978):

Glen Cook was born in 1944 in New York City and moved to Indiana in 1948. He began writing sf in 1967 and published a novel, The Heirs of Babylon, in 1972. He writes that he is employed by General Motors, "lives in a very old three story house with a wife and five cats and 10,000 books, own a farm I manage on weekends and get very little time to write, though it is a pursuit I love."

From Soldier of an Empire Unacquainted with Defeat(1980):

Glen Cook has become one the outstanding writers of fantasy to emerge in the past several years. He has been a frequent contributor to The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, and his previously published novels include The Heirs of Babylon, and the Dread Empire series from Berkley: A Shadow of All Night Falling, October's Baby, and All Darkness Met. He says of his writing career: "Started 1969. Passed through several transmogrifications and near sales to editors immediately fired and publishing houses immediately going bankrupt." Fortunately for us all, he has found some stable editors and publishers.

From The Archon 7 Program Book (1983):

Since Archon 4, Glen and Carol's first Archon, they have managed to adapt to St. Louis fandom quite nicely. Glen has written the Dread Empire series and the Starfishers trilogy. Forthcoming from Timescape are The Fire in His Hands and With Mercy Toward None. Glen's short stories have appeared in Clarion II, Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, and Amazing, to name a few. Glen has helped out with STLSFS programming by giving readings and anecdotes on writing. Glen and Carol live in St. Louis with their two sons.

From Sweet Silver Blues(1987):

Glen Cook was born in 1944 in New York City. He has lived in Columbus, Indiana; Rocklin, California; and Columbia, Missouri, where he attended the state university. He attended the Clarion Writers Workshop in 1970, where he met his wife, Carol. "Unlike most writers, I have not had strange jobs like chicken plucking and swamping out health bars. Only full-time employer I've ever had is General Motors, where I am currently doing assembly work in a light duty truck plant. Hobbies include stamp collecting, and wishing my wife would let me bring home an electric guitar so my sons and I could terrorize the neighbors with our own home-grown head-banging rock and roll."

From Sung in Blood(1990):

Glen Cook is the author of numerous science fiction and fantasy books. His works include the Black Company fantasy series and the Garrett hard-boiled-detective/fantasy series. He is also the author of the Dread Empire series, the Star Fishers series (an SF series dedicated to Richard Wagner), and Dragon Never Sleeps. He met his wife, Carol, at Clarion in 1970 and they now have three children. Cook lives in St. Louis, and works nights in a GM plant. When he isn't writing books or assembling trucks, he runs a huckster table at science fiction conventions and collects stamps.

From The BSFAN - Balticon 31 Program Book (1997):

Glen Cook was born in New York in 1944. He grew up in northern California and began writing while in seventh grade. He served in the U. S. Navy, spending time with the Force Recon unit of the 3rd Marine Recon Battalion. He attended the University of Missouri and the Clarion Writers' Workshop. He produced his first paid work in 1970.

Glen says, "Unlike most writers, I have not had a succession of strange jobs like chicken plucking and swamping our health bars. The only full-time employer I've ever had is General Motors." Due to a change of job location in 1988, Glen's writing decreased in volume. Fortunately, he has recently retired and is devoting more time to his writing.

The long anticipated release of Bleak Seasons in his Black Company series finally occured in 1996. He is also known for his "Garrett Files" detective/fantasy series, his Dread Empire series, and many others.

Glen's hobbies include stamp collecting, book collecting, and a passing interest in military history. Usually Glen can be found behind a huckster table at those conventions he attends. So, if you are in the dealer's room buying one of his books, and the man behind the table asks if you want it signed, chances are you just met him.