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sinuhe's Core (sCore) is derived from Core Distro, and uses an enhanced and corrected edition of its package manager. It is what I use on my Pentium 4 system. Good engineering begins with simplicity, providing what is necessary to accomplish a task. For GNU/Linux, sCore provides only a system that can compile itself. It is up to the user to extend the system for their needs.

Core Distro ended in recommending Linux From Scratch (LFS) as its successor. sCore is capable of building Linux From Scratch, though sCore is not derived from it. sinuhe's Core distro once went by the name sinuhe's GNU/Linux Operating System (sGOS).

Users are encouraged to contribute to the extras/ repository so that others can benefit from how you use sCore. Officially, packages in extras/ are not supported. Instead, they are treated as candidates for future inclusion, or as supplements to existing packages.