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In 2004 I installed Core GNU/Linux, a small project by Josh Devan, hosted on SourceForge as coredistro. It came with the description: "Core is designed and constructed around one simple philosophy: to be the absolute minimum of what is required for a Linux operating system. Core is designed to be the basis for a larger, more complete operating system constructed by the end user. It contains only what is necessary to boot into Linux and download, compile, and install other software packages."

For a time, what became Prime GNU/Linux attempted to release a Core 2, but with a different approach, creating a build system, but not using CorePKG. Prime is a new distribution with roughly the same purpose. Core ended in recommending Linux From Scratch (LFS) as its successor.

I continue to use Core, but I have rebuilt the system 8 times, and am working on a 9th release. After requesting copyright access from Josh to CorePKG, he kindly released it under the GPL ("all versions" he said, so I uploaded under GPL 1, changed it to GPLv2+, and thus by doing so fulfilled my obligation to Josh). I have called my distribution sinuhe's GNU/Linux Operating System (sGOS), as well as sinuhe's Core (sCore). I have yet to find a name that hasn't been taken for someone else's distribution, so for now we can call it Core 3.

I currently use my rebuilt version of Core on a Pentium 4 ShuttleX. I have tried to preserve the original Core purpose, providing a minimal base system that can compile itself. My Core is capable of building Linux From Scratch, though it is not derived from it, honoring Josh's pointing to Linux From Scratch. It is up to the user to extend the system for their needs, for which I have provided build scripts for other packages I have compiled.

Users are encouraged to contribute to the extras/ repository so that others can benefit from how you use sCore. Officially, packages in extras/ are not supported. Instead, they are treated as candidates for future inclusion, or as supplements to existing packages.