Utah Directory of Business and Industry 1997-1998

Published by the
Utah Division of Business and Economic Development
Department of Community and Economic Development

The Utah Directory of Business and Industry is a listing of more than 9,800 individual employers. Information about each employer includes county, the SIC code, organization/firm name, address, city, zip, telephone number, number of employees in a range, and public/government ownership. The four-digit Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code explains the nature of a company's or organization's activities (see below).

Included in this directory are all manufacturers regardless of size, and all other businesses with 10 or more employees.

General Business ActivitySIC Code Range
Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate6000-6999
Services7000-8999 and 0741-0783
Government and Other9000-9999

Standard Industrial Codes - Categories

The first 2 digits of the SIC code provide a general catagory of business activity.