We are here only for a moment.          Then, we are gone.

But during their own brief moments some have done great things.

This page commemorates those men and women who have been part of the B-29 history, especially those good friends who have shared their experiences with our group

... and have now gone.

Victor Agather
August 21, 1912 - July 26, 2000
Key developer of B-29
Restored Fifi to glory
Fred Bock
1918 - August 25, 2000
509th Bomb Group
Flew with Nagasaki mission
Tom Ferebee
Nov. 9, 1918 - March 16, 2000
509th Bomb Group
Enola Gay bombardier
Don LaFollette
August 13, 2001
Michael Revock
September 9, 2000
39th Bomb Group Crew 5 Tail Gunner
(Fellow crewmember of Bob Weiler,
whose son Pete is a member of our group)
Paul Schifferli
August 10, 2000
873 BS, 498 BG, 73 BW
George Westenberger
December 8, 2002