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Welcome to Magic Grounds - Here you will find everything you need to survive in the world of Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven, a game from 3DO.

  Site Update  

I finally found it, and those who find it again will appreciate it I hope. The site has been down for a bit. It was on another account that has lapsed, we will see who finds it again. If you find any errors let me know at magicgrounds@hotmail.com

I'll try to fix a few things here, I don't plan on getting the polls and such working again, but the data will still be there. I'll see if I can get the tools back up again, but there is plenty of other useful information available.

You may also note a few minor tweaks to the menu, and fonts around the site.

  May 20, 1998  

Magic Grounds goes "online" for everyone out there on the Internet.

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