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The links on this page are to articles which will assist you in becoming better educated about the modalities used in THMI's program.
Far Infrared
Infrared Theral System for Whole-Body Regenerative Radiant Therapy, by Dr. Flickstein

Far Infrared Therapy

Improve Health with the Infra-red Sauna,

by Dr. Stefan Kuprowsky, MA, ND

Warming Up to Far Infrared,
by D.J. Fletcher

An Affordable Alternative To The Far Infrared Sauna

Alkaline Ionized Water
Welcome to Microwater, by Dr. Hayashi

Electrolyzed-Reduced Water Scavenges Active Oxygen Species and Protects DNA from Oxidative Damage (pdf)

Reduced hemodialysis-induced oxidative stress in end-stage renal disease patients by electrolyzed reduced water

Intestinal Flora
Probiotics and Prebiotics

L-Glutamine and its role in intestinal health

What diary ingredients serve as prebiotics ?

Specific Health Benefits of cultured and Culture-Containing Dairy Foods

Vitamins and Minerals
Vitamin B status in patients with chronic fatigue syndrome.

Crystal Clear - Messages from Water
Institute of Science in Society website.

Association Help for Autisitic Children
read: Autism and Nutrition by Willis S. Lanford

Antioxidants in Food May Prevent Memory Loss
Note how taking supplements did not produce the same level of benefit.

The Cologne Model
Note the similarity to the THMI Wellness Program and this centers approach to treating cancer.

Cancer Support Association of Western Australia
Very good articles written by Dr. Tabrizian on minerals and digestion. Also, check out Mr Haydon's articles on water.

Fibromyalgia: An oxidative-dysoxygenative disorder
Dr. Majid Ali presents an interesting approach to treating trigger points. In general his theory is similar to the hypothesis presented on this site.

The Importance of Wheat Grass, Barley Grass, and Other Green Vegetables in the Human Diet
By Ronald L. Seibold, M.S.

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