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Program Participant Feedback

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The following are interviews with some of the people that have taken part in our wellness program. Here they share their personal experiences and results with the program. ( A word about testimonials. )
Name: Mavis G.
Age: 53
Diagnosis: Fibromyalgia, 1994
Comments: "I've tried many things... Nothing has made a substantial difference like this has."
Name: Meredith M.
Age: 47
Diagnosis: Fibromyalgia, 2000
Comments: "It's so simple; You wouldn't think something this simple would work, but it does."
Name: Colleen H.
Age: 74
Diagnosis: Fibromyalgia, 1989
Comments: "I'm very glad that I met you and decided to take the program."


This discussion forum is provided for you to post questions, or contribute information. Please refrain from chit/chat type posts in this Forum. Please keep your posts informative, positive, and supportive. ( Note: This forum is no longer active, It has been replaced by the yahoogroup CFS-FMS_FIRST-Aid. )


  • Alexis W., age 19, diagnosed w/ FMS at age 12.
  • Janice W., age 55, FMS for 7 years.
  • Mary K., age 67, GERDS for 8 years, CFS for 3 years.

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