Two Sunshine FIR Heaters;
All the benefits at a fraction of the cost.

The amount of information regarding health benefits of far infrared (FIR) saunas is growing. Articles are appearing in health oriented publications; A growing number of advertisements are showing up in the back pages of these same magazines. These FIR saunas, similar to the one pictured on the left cost from $3,000 to $5,000 depending on the size model and added accessories.

There is a saying "Gold that buys health is never ill spent". If a person were to pay $5,000 for a luxurious FIR sauna, used it, and gained health benefits as a result; It is a wise investment. Over time, the money saved in reduced healthcare costs will more than cover the cost of the sauna.

While the box sauna is elegant, and the cedar scent may be a pleasant aroma, the health benefits of the FIR sauna can be had using a configuration of two stand alone FIR heaters in a small room, such as a bathroom. In addition to the health benefits of using the stand alone heaters they can also be used to provide soothing FIR heat in your home.

At a cost of $149.95 each, the combined cost of two stand alone FIR heaters is less than you will pay in shipping costs alone to have the box sauna delivered to your home.

More information on the Sunshine FIR Heater.

Brief notes on operating the Sunshine FIR Heater

There are two rotatary switches on the base of the Sunshine Heater.

The switch on the right side controls the heating elements. Rotating this switch allows you to select whether a single element is to be turned on or if both elements will be providing heat. The top position of this switch turns both elements off.

The switch on the left side is an on/off timer switch. Rotating this switch to the right, the heater can be set to turn off when the timer has counted down (the maximum setting is 180 min., 3 hrs.). This same switch, if turned to the left, will keep the heater permanently on. (using this setting, the faint ticking sound of the timer will not be heard). When the switch is positioned between the always on and the timer mode, the heater is off.

When operating the heater it should be placed on a firm flat surface. A pressure sensitive switch on the underside of the heater will turn the heater off if it is accidently tipped over. If using the heater on a carpeted surface, sometimes the surface is not firm enough to fully depress this safety switch.

The power consumption of the heater is 1,000 watts when both elements are on; 500 watts with a single element operating. The heater draws a little over 9 amps of current.

If using two heaters in a bathroom, to acheive a sauna-like environment, if the electrical circuit is not designed to handle the power consumption of 2 heaters (roughly 18 amps) the circuit breaker may trip (or fuse blow). In this event it may be necessary to use a power extension cord to plug one heater into a different circuit. If you must use an extension cord, make certain that it is rated sufficiently for the amount of amps drawn by the heater. Caution: An over-heated power extension cord is a potential fire hazard.

The head of the heater can be rotated 90 degrees. The heater head can be positioned vertical, as pictured, or the head can be rotated counter-clockwise to a horizontal position.

Using 2 Sunshine FIR Heaters to produce a sauna-like environment

To create a sauna-like environment, place two heaters in a small room such as a bathroom. Position them such that there is no possibility of anything catching fire. The heaters are relatively safe, however this safety precaution should be used with any heating appliance. Turn the heaters on and allow them to warm the room. The temperature of the room will not get as hot as a conventional high heat sauna.

It may be beneficial to cover any areas where cooler air can draft into the room. A rolled up towel can be used to block the space at the bottom of the door. I will usually let the room warm up for about 30 - 40 minutes before using it. The room temperature will not elevate such that you need be concerned about cosmetics or other products being affected by high heat levels.

When the room is warmed, enter the room and position the heaters so that they are 6 - 7 feet apart and facing each other. Lay a towel on the floor between the heaters and sit down between the heaters. Each sauna session should last about 30 minutes. The first couple times you may not break a sweat but as you proceed with regular sauna sessions you will start to sweat more easily and more profusely.

Sauna on an empty stomach. This allows a quick flow of water into the intestines where most water absorption takes place. If food is in the stomach the water will be held up in the stomach and it will not be possible to drink the desired amount of water. During the sauna session try to drink 1/2 gallon of water (alkaline pH ionized water is best). Some people have found that drinking a portion of the water while the room is warming up works best for them. This water is in addition to the 8 - 10 glasses of water that you should be drinking. The water temperature should be cool, but not too cold.

Sauna nude, use a small towel to wipe away perspiration. If you can handle a dry brushing, this is beneficial to remove dead skin prior to the sauna session. Also, when you're able to exercise, walking for 15 - 20 minutes around the block while the sauna warms up is good. The exercise generally causes an increase in pyruvic acid or lactic acid. The sauna session will then help flush those acids out of the tissue.

Bathing Tips

When the sauna session is over rinse with a lukewarm shower. I will usually take a hot bath but this is where I experience exhaustion from the heat, in the hot bathwater. The heat of the sauna does not have such an effect. I will then finish with a cool rinse. If cool water causes increased pain, soak your feet in some cool water, this trick will cool the blood and body.

Sweet Dairy Whey to help replace fluid loss

After a sauna session I will usually have a couple glasses of whey to help replace the fluids lost during the sauna session. Mix 1 heaping tablespoon of whey powder in 12 oz. of cool filtered water. The best source for whey that I have found online is The direct link to the page to order Sweet Dairy Whey is here. I will write more on the benefits of whey and post the article in the Soapbox section.

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