Excerpts from
Flavor it Crushed Musk Hair Oils
(Whiff Udder You'll Tight Thongs Imp Ohms)

Favorite Christmas Carols
(With Other Yuletide Songs and Poems)

in Anguish Languish
By A. Dennis Mead


Rude Alf a Rat Nose Drained Here

Rude Alf a rat nose drained here
Hatter furry Chinese snows

Endive your heifers awe wit
Hue woody fence hay igloos

Oil offer udder ain't here's
Hue stool often column aims

Day wooden late par Rude Alf
Joy none nanny reigned here gains

Thin wan fag he crushed mess heave
Cinder camp two's hay

Rude Alf wizard nodes soap right,
Wincher glide mice lay tune height?

Den Harder reigned here's sloughed dim
End hay shorted taught briskly,

Rude Alf a rat nose drained here,
Yule hoedown an hissed airy!


Gin Gulp Bills

Dishing true doors know, inner wan hose soapings lay,
Odor filled swig ho, lofting oil dare weigh,
Bills sun bulb tell rang, mocking spare its sprite,
Wart farmer tests toe raid end sinkers lying zonked unite!


Gin gulp bills, gin gulp bills,
Gin glean old away,
Or wart farmer tests toe raid
Inner wan hose soapings lay! (Reap eat)


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