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This is an example of a typical "600 KB - Medium Size image". These images have an average resolution of 362 x 566 pixels, and are licensed only for personal use, i.e. use in personal greeting cards and family newsletters, etc... (If you want business use of our images (and a larger, higher quality, you'll need to go to the "2.25 MB - 4X Larger Size".)

Please feel free to download this image. (Right click on the image and "save as" to your hard drive, if you are a Windows user; or click on the image and drag it to you desktop if you are a Macintosh user.)

Printing this image: Once you download this image, you can import it into any word processing program This image is currently preset to 150 dpi (technically correctly would be: 150 "pixels" per inch, rather than "dots per inch"), and will print to size of about 2.4 inches by 3.75 inches. If you use an image editing program to change the resolution, you'll get the following size combinations:

1.2" x 1.9" @ 300 dpi super-high printing quality (used in commercial printing)
2.4" x 3.8" @ 150 dpi very good printing quality for inkjet and laser (or "good"to "acceptable" quality in commercial printing)
3.6" x 5.7" @ 100 dpi good printing quality for inkjet and laser
5.0" x 7.9" @ 72 dpi best for Web use or "acceptable" printing quality for inkjet and laser (this is the print size you will get if you print this image right now using your Web browser, with the "page setup" set to "100%").

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