Vintage Flower Art Collection #2

Antique flower clip art for making your own stationary and greeting cards. Click on any thumbnail to see a larger clipart image.

U-FLO-1166 U-FLO-1167 U-FLO-1170 U-FLO-1169
U-FLO-1172 U-FLO-1171 U-FLO-1173 U-FLO-1163
U-FLO-1174 U-FLO-1159 U-FLO-1168 U-FLO-1164
U-FLO-1162 U-FLO-1160 U-FLO-1161 U-FLO-1165

These antique flower images were digitally scanned from our collection
of original stone lithographs, many of which are about 100 years old.

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Order Information
Priced between $0.33 and $10 per image.

Sponored by The Stock Solution, a stock photo agency

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