tyranist's Library

Herein is collected information that I need. I maintain this site as a source of personal data caching. It allows me to find little bits of info that I need wherever I may be in the world. Of course, you may find the information valuable as well, but really I am the only person that this site is designed for. Enjoy.
It is designed as a library primarily because I am a librarian at heart. With that in mind I like to think of the different sections as wings or collections and will try to maintain at least a minimal pretense of library existence.
Lastly, this site is meant for personal information and purely educational pursuits. Much of the material contained here is copyrighted by myself or someone else. Please let your conscience guide you on what is ethical and what is not.
For long time fans of the site you will notice that a few of the wings have disappeared. As more original content has appeared, I decided that to be ethical, I would take down the portions of the site that relied heavily on material copyrighted by other parties. I'm sorry if this disappoints you, but I hope you will still enjoy the remainder.

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