Saquen, the interpreter library.

Jonathon Duerig

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Saquen is a library which makes it easy to integrate a scripting language into a project. The library as it stands is not mature enough for general release, but many things can still be done in the language. Scripts for the saquen library are written using a subset of C.

The goals of saquen

The purpose of saquen is to allow project teams to seperate responsibilities. With its scripting capabilities, the programming of the general infrastructure of a project can be seperated from the design of special exceptions. Eventually, saquen will interface with other programs to allow higher level design decisions to be implemented in terms of its scripts.

In its current incarnation, this library resembles similar efforts such as lua. Currently, there are two major differences between saquen and lua. First, saquen does not create any new programming language. Second, an important philosophy behind saquen is that the interface should be object oriented and the scripts should be procedural. This is because the systems that saquen will be a part of will likely be much more complex than the systems created with its scripting capabilities.


Source code

The source code can be had in several forms: