Salt Lake City, Utah
		   ; Co.
County of Salt Lake)

I, MARION W. POULSON, do solemnly swear that at a meeting of the members of the Utah Amateur Radio Club, Incorporated, residing in Salt Lake City, State of Utah, held at Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, State of Utah, upon due notice to the incorporators in writing, it was decided by a majority vote of the members present at said meeting to incorporate said association as a non-profit corporation within the limits of the State of Utah, with such rights and obligations as may be prescribed by law.

  1. Said association shall be known as the UTAH AMATEUR RADIO CLUB, INCORPORATED, and shall have a life of fifty (50) years, unless sooner terminated by act of the membership of by action of law.

  2. For the purpose of securing to ourselves the pleasure and benefits of the association of persons commonly interested in amateur radio, by furthering cooperation among its members, developing individual efficiency, furthering the interest of radio in the general community, and for public service in radio communication.

  3. The principal place of business shall be in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, State of Utah.

  4. The corporation shall have a board of directors of not less than six (6) in number nor more than nine (9) members, and they shall be designated as President, Executive Vice President, Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer, two (2) Program chairman, and Editor.

  5. Said officers and directors shall be elected annually at the annual meeting of the membership to be held on the second thursday of December, of each year, commencing in 1957. At such meeting each regular member shall have one (1) vote to be cast by secret ballot and to be in writing; and the majority vote of the members there present shall elect said directorate.

  6. The following named persons have been elected by the membership to serve in the offices indicated until the first annual meeting:

    President — Marion W. Poulson, W7OSV
      4826 Memory Lane
      Salt Lake City, Utah
    Executive Vice President —  Ray Larsen, W7NMK
      2019 Lincoln Circle
      Salt Lake City, Utah
    Vice President — Bob Holland, W7VEL
      1021 Barbara Place
      Salt Lake City, Utah
    Secretary-Treasurer — Lynn Hampton, W7BLZ
      1860 E. Millbrook Road
      Salt Lake City, Utah
    Editor — John Erickson, W7CTI
      2756 Adams Street
      Salt Lake City, Utah
    Program Chairman — Douglas Butler, W7FSC
      4851 West 4805 South
      Kearns, Utah
    Program Chairman — Dee Christensen, W7YPC
      315 Douglas Street
      Salt Lake City, Utah

  7. Appropriate By-Laws shall be prepared and approved by this Board of Directors and adopted by the majority of the membership present at the adopting meeting. Said By-Laws or these Articles, after adoption, shall be amended only be a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the total membership. Any proposals for amendments shall be submitted in writing at a regular meeting and may not be voted upon until the next regular meeting.

  8. The membership shall consist of all persons interested in amateur radio communication. There shall be but one (1) class of membership, to be designated as active regular member, and such members shall be encouraged to affiliate with the American Radio Relay League, a national association of radio amateurs.

  9. All further matters of policy, administration, publications, dues, and functions shall be set forth in the aforesaid By-Laws.

    DONE and DATED in open meeting this 14 day of November, 1957.

      (signed) Marion W. Poulson


08-01-2007   Be it resolved that the life of the entity be amended to be perpetual.