Dark Star (Dillon) is a Solar System I have created to exist in the Star*Drive Universe.  It is located near Tendril but has been lost, or rather never really found, to the rest of the Stellar Nations and the Verge.  It is a dim Brown Dwarf star that has 6 planets orbiting it.  The first two planets, Valance and Ganoir,  are both temperate, Terran planets that orbit each other as well as Dillon.  The next two planets are both relatively calm Gas Giants.  And, the last two planets are both cold, Superterrans.  Although Dillon is a dim dwarf star, it does give off enough heat to allow life on three of it's planets and one moon.

The Dillon system, incredibly enough, is home to separate worlds with three distinct, intelligent species.  The most earth like of the first 2 planets, Valance, is the home of the Malien.  The second planet, a dry desert world, is home to the Demu.  The third life bearing world, a cold moon orbiting the gas giant Junos, is a called Orkan.  This is the home of the Orka'an.

The system had its first interstellar visitors, the Thuldans, just before the first galactic war.  They came and settled the planet Valance but soon found that life was going to be harder than previously expected.  The Maliens turned up and began wrecking havoc upon the Thuldans.  Then the Thuldan's primary computer turned against them and they were forced to destroy it.  Now nearly 200 years later the human (and alien) civilizations upon Valance live in fear of the Maliens, the AI's and robots, and each other.


Predatan as seen from it's Terran Moon

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