The Girl in a Swing

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"The Girl in a Swing" (1989) Directed by Gordon Hessler

"The Girl in a Swing" stars our Meg as Karin, a beautiful and sensual German girl who is hired by Alan, an English antique dealer played by Rupert Frazer ("Empire of the Sun"). The relationship takes off the moment Alan lays eyes on Karin, and their romance is at once mysterious, torrid, and passionate. But, there's something going on in Karin's life, and her secret will jerk your heartstrings if you get into the movie as much as I did.

I thought this movie was a bit of a departure for Meg, and on the personal side, it was seeing this movie that made me want to contact her. I thought her portrayal of Karin, a German girl, was particularly good. I had just returned from Germany when I saw "Girl in a Swing" and felt she did an excellent job of capturing the little nuances that many may have missed. The movie got mixed reviews, and even I admit that it tends to be slow (as do many British movies, IMHO) but the storyline is intriguing as well as moving.

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