Anti-Pornography Resources:

BYU Conference on the Problem of Pornography (Cyber Secrets)  -  Feb. 7, 2001  (transcript links-below):

    "Pornography Effects and Ultimate Consequences ", Dr. Victor Cline, February 7, 2001
    "Pornography: Satan’s Counterfeit",  Dr. Brad Wilcox, February 7, 2001
    "How to Protect You and Your Family from Computer Pornography", Dr. Eric L. Denna
    "The Illusion of Intimacy: The Effect of Pornography on Individuals in Relationships, Dr. Wendy Ulrich
    "The Consumption of People" Dr. Lane Fischer and Dr. LaNae Valentine, February 7, 2001
    "Pornography and the Evils Thereof ",  President Merrill J. Bateman,  February 7, 2001
    "The Treatment Process: Getting Help For You or a Loved One", Dr. Moody, Dr. Dougher and Dr. Buxton
    "I Know Someone with a Pornography Problem, Now What?", Dr. G. Robert Ward