Frankenstein is Dean Koontz's latest venture, a script he's written for television.  On USA Network, the 2-hour pilot premiered October 10, 2004.

FrankensteinFilming began in April/May in Toronto/Vancouver and Los Angeles, but was moved to New Orleans, Louisiana.

In addition to writing, best-selling author Koontz executive produced the series with six-time Oscar nominee Martin Scorsese and TV veteran Tony Krantz.  Marcus Nispel directed.

"Frankenstein" is a modern retelling of the classic tale of man and monster, saint and sinner, and the consequences of playing God. Dr. Frankenstein--now known as Victor Helios--is living in modern-day New Orleans.

He's stayed alive for more than two hundred years by turning his perverse experiments in regeneration and life extension on himself. He continues to attempt to create the perfect life-form, often creating outwardly perfect but inwardly tormented creatures.

Victor's first creation, Deucalion, discovers that his old master has continued his insane projects, now in New Orleans. Arriving there, Deucalion is suspected of several gruesome murders by detectives Carson O'Conner and Michael Sloane, complicating his efforts to stop Helios before it's too late.

Cast includes:
  • Parker Posey (Det. Carson O'Connor)
  • Thomas Kretschmann (Victor Helios)
  • Vincent Perez (monster Deucalion)
  • Adam Goldberg (Detective Michael Sloane)
  • Michael Madsen (Detective Harker)
  • Anne Ewen (Sandra)
  • Ivana Milicevic (Erika)
  • Tom Nowicki (Watkins)
  • Gordon Catlin (Father Beaufort)
  • Billy Louviere (Jack Rogers)
  • Phuong Pham (cabin boy)
The final scene of the pilot was filmed the end of June.  Visit the official website for more details. indicates that a Koontz book titled Frankenstein: Book one: Prodigal Son will be available in hardcover, paperback, cassette and cd in January 2005. 

Updated Oct. 10, 2004

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