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  • "A Dragon in the Land." Venture Science Fiction, 1969
  • "A Mouse In the Walls of the Global Village." Ellison, Harlan, ed. Again, Dangerous Visions, Doubleday, 1972
  • "A Season for Freedom." The Future Now: Saving Tomorrow,1977 [revision of "Killerbot"]
  • "A Third Hand." The Magazine of Fantasy and Sci-fi, January 1970
  • "Altarboy." Infinity 3, 1972
  • "Black River." Chizmar, Richard, ed. Legacies, 2000; Mystery Scene, 2000
  • "Bruno." The Magazine of Science Fiction and Fantasy, 1971; Strange Highways, 1991
  • "Chase. "Strange Highways, 1991
  • [contribution unknown] Chizmar, Richard, ed., The Best of Cemetery Dance. Cemetery Dance Publications, 1998 [ISBN: 1-881475-24-7]
  • [contribution unknown] Greenberg, Martin H., and Waugh, Charles G., eds. Supermen: Isaac Asimov's Wonderful Worlds of Science,  Fiction #3. Signet Books, 1984
  • "Cosmic Sin." The Magazine of Science Fiction and Fantasy, 1972
  • "Down In The Darkness." The Horror Show, 1986; The Architecture of Fear, 1987/9; Strange Highways, 1991
  • "Dragon in the Land."  Venture magazine, August 1969
  • "Dreambird." Worlds of If magazine, 1968
  • "Emanations." Swank magazine, 1970
  • "Graveyard Highway." Tropical Chills, 1988
  • "Grayworld." Infinity Five, 1973
  • "Hardshell." Night Visions 4, 1987; Strange Highways, 1991; Greenberg, Martin, ed. Predators. Penguin Books, 1993
  • "The Interrogation." Horror Show, 1987
  • "In The Shield." Worlds of If, January 1969
  • "Killerbot." Galaxy magazine, May 1969
  • "Kittens." Strange Highways, 1991; Haining, Peter. Scary! 2: More Tales That Will Make You Scream, 2002; Scary Stories. Chronicle Books, 2006
  • "Love 2005." Mr., 1967
  • "Miss Attila the Hun." Night Visions 4, 1987; Strange Highways, 1991
  • "Night of The Storm." Elwood, Roger, ed. Continuum 1, 1975; Strange Highways, 1991
  • "Nightmare Gang." Infinity One, 1970; 'The Edge of Never, 1973
  • "Ollie's Hands." Infinity Four, 1972; Swank magazine, 1973; Strange Highways, 1991
  • "Pinkie." USA Weekend magazine, June 12-14, 1998
  • "Shambolain."Worlds of If magazine, 1970
  • "Snatcher." Night Cry, 1986; Strange Highways, 1991; The Ultimate Witch, 1993; Jocks, Yvonne. Witches' Brew. Berkley Trade, 2002
  • "Soft Come The Dragons." The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, 1967; The Liberated Future: Voyages Into Tomorrow, 1974, Dragon Tales, 1982
  • "Some Disputed Barricade." 1966
  • "Tater Baron." The Nightrunners, 1987
  • "Temple of Sorrow." Amazing Stories, 1969
  • "Terra Phobia." Androids, Time Machines and Blue Giraffes, 1973
  • "The Black Pumpkin." Twilight Zone, 1986; Strange Highways, 1991; Ghost Movies II: Famous Supernatural Television Programmes, 1996; Chizmar, Richard and Morrish, Robert, eds., October Dreams - A Celebration of Halloween. Cemetery Dance Publications, 2000 [ISBN: 1-58767-019-4]
  • "The Face In His Belly." Perihilion, Issue 6 (Jan-Feb 1969) and Issue 7 (Summer 1969)
  • "The Good Ship Lookoutworld." Fantastic Stories, 1970
  • "The Interrogation." Horror Show, 1987; Obsessions, 1991
  • "The Muse." 'The Magazine of Fantasy and Sci-Fi, 1969; Themes In Science Fiction, 1972
  • "The Mystery of His Flesh." The Magazine of Fantasy and Sci-fi, 1970
  • "The Psychedelic Children." The Magazine of Fantasy and Sci-fi, 1968
  • "The Scariest Thing I Know." Martha Stewart Living magazine, 2000
  • "The Screwiest Job in the World."  'The Magazine of Fantasy and Sci-Fi, September 1969
  • "The Sinless Child." Elwood, Roger, ed. Flame Tree Planet, 1973
  • "The Terrible Weapon." Trend, 1972
  • "The Twelfth Bed." The Magazine of Fantasy and Sci-Fi, 1968
  • "The Undercity." Future City, 1973; The City: 2000 AD, 1975; Criminal Justice Through Science Fiction, 1977; Cyber-Killers, 1997
  • "To Behold The Sun." The Magazine of Fantasy and Sci-Fi, 1967
  • "Trapped." Gorman, Ed, ed. Stalkers: 19 Original Tales By the Masters of Terror. Penguin Books, 1989 (sometimes referred to as Stalkers: Novellas By Dean R. Koontz, John Coyne and F. Paul Wilson); Strange Highways, 1991; Great Mysteries, Great Writers: Five Adventures in Suspense., 1999.
  • "Twilight of The Dawn." Night Visions 4, 1987; The Complete Masters of Darkness III, 1990; Strange Highways, 1991
  • "Under the Gun." Gorman, Ed and Greenberg, Martin H. eds Mystery Scene Presents the Best Suspense and Mystery, 1990
  • "Unseen Warriors." Worlds of Tomorrow, 1970
  • "Wake Up To Thunder." Children of Infinity. 1973
  • "We Three." Final Stage, 1974; Strange Highways, 1991
  • "Weird World." Horror Show, 1986
  • "Where The Beast Runs."Worlds of If magazine, September 1969
  • Koontz, Dean.  Frankenstein Teleplay, 2004.
  • Soft Come the Dragons. Ace Double, 1970.  A double containing two titles: Soft Come the Dragons and Dark of the Woods. Soft Come the Dragons is an anthology of short stores:  "Soft come the Dragons," "A Third Hand," "A Darkness in My Soul," "The Twelfth Bed," "A Season for Freedom," "The Psychedelic Children," "Dragon in the Land," and "To Behold the Sun" [ASIN: B000P49R2S]
  • Three Complete Novels: The Servants of Twilight / Darkfall / Phantoms. Wings, 1991 [ISBN-10: 0517064871]
  • Three Complete Novels: Dean R. Koontz - A New Collection: Shattered / Whispers / Watchers. Visions, 1992.  [ISBN-10: 0517073692]
  • Dean Koontz Omnibus: Cold Fire / Mask / The Face of Fear. Headline Book Publishing, 1993 [ISBN-10: 0747208050]
  • Three Complete Novels: Strangers / The Voice of the Night / The Mask.  Putnam Adult, 1994. [ISBN-10: 0399139273]
  • Winter Moon/Icebound. Ballantine Books, 1995 (box set) [ISBN-10: 0345397037]
  • Strange Highways. Warner Books, 1995.  Strange Highways, "The Black Pumpkin," "Miss Attila the Hun," "Down in the Darkness," "Ollie's Hands," "Snatcher," Trapped, "Bruno," "We Three," "Hardshell," "Kittens," "Night of the Storm," "Twilight of the Dawn" [ISBN-10: 0446603392]
  • Three Complete Novels: The House of Thunder / Shadowfires / Midnight. Putnam Adult, 1996 [ISBN-10: 0399141251]
  • Three Complete Novels: The Bad Place / Demon Seed / The Eyes of Darkness. Putnam Adult, 1998 [ISBN-10: 0399144420]
  • Three Complete Novels: Cold Fire / Hideaway / The Key to Midnight. Putnam Adult, 2000. [ISBN-10: 0399146261]
  • Three Complete Novels: Dark Rivers of the Heart / Sole Survivor / Intensity. Bright Sky Press, 2001. [ISBN-10: 0970998716]
  • Trapped. Harper Collins, 1993 [ISBN-13: 978-0061050046] [graphic novel]
  • Frankenstein #1-#5. Dabel Brothers Publishing, 2008 [comic]
  • Frankenstein: Prodigal Son. Del Rey, 2008 [graphic novel]
  • In Odd We Trust, Del Rey, 2008 [ISBN-13: 978-0345499660] [graphic novel]
  • Nevermore, [total of 6] Dabel Brothers Publishing, 2009 [comic, eventually to be collected into a graphic novel. Atwork to be animated and story to eventually be distributed through every from I-Pads to cell phones]
  • Odd is on our Side. Del Rey, 10/2010 [ISBN-13: 978-0345515605] [graphic novel]
  • Fear Nothing vol. 1. Dynamite Entertainment, 10/2010 (Dean Koontz w/Grant Alter and Derek Ruiz),  [ISBN-13:978-0977933341] [graphic novel]
  • House of Odd. Del Rey, [to be published in 2011]
  • Writing Popular Fiction. Writers Digest Books, 1972 [ISBN-13: 978-0911654219]
  • How To Write Best-Selling Fiction. Writers Digest Books, 1981 [ISBN-13: 978-0898790450]
  • A Big Little Life: A Memoir of a Joyful Dog. Hyperion, 2009 [ISBN-13: 978-1401323523]
  • Robot Santa: The Further Adventures of Santa's Twin. Harper Collins, 2004 [ISBN-10: 0060509430]
  • Every Day's a Holiday: Amusing Rhymes for Happy Times. HarperCollins, 2003 [ISBN-10: 0060085851]
  • The Paper Doorway: Funny Verse and Nothing Worse. HarperCollins, 2001 [ISBN-10: 0060294884]
  • Santa's Twin. Harper Prism, 1996 [ISBN-10: 0061053554]
  • Oddkins: A Fable for All Ages. Warner Books, 1988 [ISBN-10: 044651490X]
  • I, Trixie Who Is Dog. Putnam, Oct. 2009
  • Trixie and Jinx. Putnam, Fall 2010
  • Life is Good: Lessons in Joyful Living. Yorkville Press, 2004 [ISBN-10: 0972942777]
  • Christmas is Good: Trixie Treats & Holiday Wisdom. Yorkville Press, 2005 [ISBN-10: 0976744236]
  • Bliss to You: Trixie's Guide to a Happy Life. Hyperion, 2008 [ISBN-10: 1401323006]
  • Christmas Is Good: Trixie's Guide to a Happy Holiday. Hyperion, 10/2009 [ISBN-10: 1401322948]
  • The Reflector, 1965-67
  • The Paper Doorway: Funny Verse and Nothing Worse. HarperCollins, 2001 [ISBN-13: 978-0064409841]
  • Every Day's a Holiday: Amusing Rhymes for Happy Times. HarperCollins, 2003 [ISN-10: 0060085843]
  • The Book of Counted Sorrows. Charnel House, 2003 [ISBN-10: 0927389177]; e-book from; paperback from The Dean Koontz store, 2008.
  • The Book of Counted Sorrows. Charnel House, 2003 [ISBN-10: 0927389177]; e-book from; paperback from The Dean Koontz store, 2008.
  • Darkness Under the Sun. Bantam, 2010 [ASIN B0042JSMS2] (Short story, later available in audio format)
  • The Moonlit Mind: A Tale of Suspense. Bantam, 2011 [ASIN B0061C1NCK (Short story preamble to 77 Shadow Street, later published in audio format)
  • Odd Interlude. Bantam, 2013 [ISBN 0345536592] (Later published in paper format)
  • Wilderness. Bantam, 2013 [ASIN B00FO60HTO] (Short story preview to Innocence)
  • Anderson, Sherwood. Winesburg, Ohio. Signet Classics, 2005: afterword
  • Berliner, Janet and Copperfield, David, eds. David Copperfield's Tales of the Impossible. Eos, 1995: preface
  • Dibsie, Patricia. Love Heels: Tales from Canine Companions for Independence. Yorkville Press, 2003: [ISBN-10: 0972942726] foreward
  • Munster, Bill. Sudden Fear: The Horror and Dark Suspense Fiction of Dean R. Koontz (Starmont Studies in Literary Criticism, #24). Borgo Pr, June 1988 [unconfirmed]
  • Gorman, Ed. Moonchasers and other stories. Forge Books, 2000: afterword
  • Gorman, Ed. Prisoners and Other Stories. Cemetery Dance Publications, 1992. afterword
  • Gresh, Lois and Robert Weinberg.  The Science of Superheroes. Random House, Inc.,  2002.  introduction
  • Gwinn, Beth, and Wiater, Stanley, eds. Dark Dreamers - Facing the Masters of Fear. Cemetery Dance Publications, 2001 [ISBN: 1-58767-024-0] collection of photos of authors, artists, and filmmakers
  • Kalomirakis, Theo. Great Escapes: New Designs for Home Theaters. Harry N. Abrams, 2003: introduction
  • Koontz, Dean and Robinson, David (photographer), Beautiful Death: The Art of the Cemetery. Penguin Studio Books, 1996. [ISBN-10: 067086806X] (Art of the Cemetery is a gorgeous visual journey into some of the most elegant and quaint gravesides around the world. Horror writer Dean Koontz reflects upon mortality while discussing his personal insights about death, and speaks about the sense of quiet charms that permeate cemeteries from New Orleans to tiny cemeteries hidden away in corners of the world.)
  • Stout, Rex. Where There's a Will. Bantam, 1995. foreword
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  • Sauers, Michael. A Collector's Guide to Dean Koontz. Cemetery Dance Publications, ____. [ISBN 1-58767-043-7] [with afterword by Dean Koontz] Not published yet
  • The Pig Society. Aware Press, 1970 [ASIN: B0006COE8G]
  • The Underground Lifestyles Handbook. Aware Press, 1970 [ASIN: B0006C35O0]
  • Bounce Girl / Aphrodesiac Girl
  • Hung

"In 1969, Dean agreed to have a small publisher publish two of his non-fiction works (one entitled THE SICK SOCIETY and the other entitled GOING UNDERGROUND) and two of his fiction works (one entitled HUNG and the other entitled TIGER 650). All four books were presented to the publisher as finished manuscripts and Dean fully expected for them to be published in the form submitted to the publisher. Unfortunately, all four books were put into production before Dean learned that the publisher had arranged, without Dean's knowledge or consent, for them to be so completely rewritten that none of them, as published, bore much resemblance to the original manuscripts as submitted by Dean. Although he wasn't able to stop publication, he did get the publisher to contractually agree to publish all four books under a pseudonym. The publisher further agreed to indemnify Dean against claims arising from the material added by the publisher: "Author and Publisher acknowledge that...the Work will be published with material changes from the original manuscripts of same, that the Publisher assumes all liability for the content of those new chapters and passages." However, only one of the four books was published under a pen name- HUNG was published under the pen name Leonard Chris. THE SICK SOCIETY manuscript was published under the title PIG SOCIETY, the GOING UNDERGROUND manuscript was published under the title THE UNDERGROUND LIFESTYLES HANDBOOK, and the TIGER 650 manuscript was published under the title BOUNCE GIRL- all with Dean and Gerda Koontz as the credited authors, and therefore in breach of Dean's contract with the publisher. Copyright Office files on all four of these books now reflects affidavits from Gerda and Dean stating that (1) Gerda did not participate in writing any portion of these books and (2) Dean disavows any claim of authorship or responsibility for the content of these four books due to the substantial nature of the unauthorized changes to his original manuscripts."


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