Life is Good!  Lessons in Joyful Living
Life is Good! Lessons in Joyful Living

Many readers wonder what inspires the creative genius of bestselling suspense writer Dean Koontz. Much of the credit must go to Trixie, the golden retriever who taught him things about life that no human ever could. Trixie shows us how to be happy every moment of the day, except those fleeting moments after a meal when the dish is (temporarily) empty. Dogs know how to work hard and to play even harder. With words of wisdom only a bird dog knows, and beautiful photos to warm your heart, this book will lift your spirits and make your leg shake uncontrollably with pleasure!

Trixie wrote LIFE IS GOOD to support her friends who are service dogs for people with disabilities. Royalties are to Canine Companions for Independence (CCI), the national organization that breeds and trains assistance dogs for adults and children with disabilities.

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Gerda and Dean Koontz
Gerda and Dean Koontz

Trixie Koontz
October 5, 1995 -- June 30, 2007

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