We Are Related
An Introduction to Digital Roots


© copyright 2004 by Gerhard Ruf
updated 21 April 2004


    This new web site, run by the Computer Science department at BYU, provides unique services. It uses the LDS Church’s AncestralFile(tm) to determine if those who provide the necessary information are related to others. With the Relationship Finder service you may be able to determine how you are related to prominent LDS, United States and European men and women. This service also allows you to set up a group to determine how you are related to each other. The One Page Genealogy service lets you setup and purchase a large multi-generation pedigree chart from a GEDCOM file.

A. Relationship Finder (access from the Relationship Finder tab)

    To use the relationship finder you must set up an account, find yourself and/or some of your ancestors in the AncestralFile(tm), enter the Ancestral File Numbers (AFNs) to identify yourself, and request reports. You may also join an existing group or set up a group for others to join.

  1. Setting up an account (Join)
  2. Checking for AFNs in FamilySearch at a Family History Center
  3. Enter the AFN’s that pertain to you and/or your ancestral lines (AFN Info)
  4. Requesting reports
  5. Viewing reports
  6. You may join existing groups
  7. You may also create a group for your anyone who may be interested

B. One Page Genealogy (access from teh One Page Genealogy tab)

    The two different formats of pedigree charts that this service sells are created by your first making a GEDCOM file, downloading and installing a program from the web site, running the GEDCOM file through this program and then sending the resulting file to the service along with credit card payment. The chart will me mailed to you.

  1. Create a GEDCOM file in PAF or other program.
  2. Download the GEDCOM to PDF conversion program from the web site.
  3. Run the One Page Genealogy Program
  4. After creating the PDF file, view the file to see if it is what you expected.
  5. Purchase the printed output

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