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        Since 1993 I have been teaching classes to a variety of groups on topics related to using computers to further your family history research. Outlines for these classes are provided here for the use of anyone that wants to study them for their own use. If you would like to use this information for publication or in classes that you teach, you are required to obtain my permission in writing. The content of these lessons are copyrighted.

    These classes were taught in a variety of venues including the Utah Valley Technology and Genealogy Group (formerly the Utah Valley PAF Users Group), as well as local, regional, and national Family History fairs, seminars, and conferences.

Basic Topics
Effective E-mailing (updated April 2002)
Internet Connection Options (updated January 2001)
Family History On The Internet: Basics, Tips and Tricks (updated August 2005)
Virus Protection For PCs (updated April 2004)
We Are Related - An Introduction to Digital Roots (updated April 2004)
Personal Ancestral File (updated November 2004 - SLIG2005)
Other Database Managers (updated January 2005 - SLIG2005)
GenSmarts, PAFInsight, and PAFWiz (updated November 2004 - SLIG2005)
Intermediate Topics
Accessing and Using RootsTech and Other Online Family History Videos (updated October 2013)
Selected Family History Databases on the Internet (updated April 2005)
Where Should I Contribute My Genealogical Data? (updated Sep 2008)
Publish Your Family History On The Internet The Easy Way (updated October 2008)
Using WorldConnect at RootsWeb to Publish and Backup Your Family History Data (updated March 2011) Content & Strategies for Effective Use (updated October 2006) Content & Strategies for Effective Use (updated October 2004)
Getting the Most Out of (updated Apr 2007)
Genealogical Mailing Lists and Message Boards (coming soon)
Search Engines for Family History (updated August 2008)
Getting the Most Out of Your Internet Browser (updated December 2005 - SLIG 2006)
What Can I Do With My SMGF DNA Test Results? a PDF file (updated Apr 2009)
Advanced Topics
Networks for Homes and Small Businesses (updated January 2001)

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