by Gerhard Ruf,

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     This class will introduce you to the WorldConnect database and how to use it to publish and backup your genealogical data. WorldConnect is the second largest and oldest collection of genealogical data submitted by individuals. We will review details about the extensive tools provided to limit the data that will be displayed and limit the ability of others to download it.

  1. What is WorldConnect (WC) and how is it viewed?
    WC started accepting GEDCOM files in Nov 1999.
    It is a collection of databases contributed by individuals, which includes more than 640 million individuals.
    The collection has grown at more than 3 million names per month over the past 5 years.
    If you submit your family history data, it will help others working on common ancestral lines find you.
    Even if you don't submit your family history, it will allow you to find others working on common ancestral lines.
    Search WC from the Family Trees tab on most screens at,
            or go there directly at,
            or here using WC Advanced Search (no wild cards allowed),
            or use wild cards and search in the same database called Ancestry World Tree (AWT) at (no subscription required).
  2. Why Publish Your Data?
    Share your genealogical data (especially if it's well researched)
    Find others working on common ancestral lines
    Find lost cousins for a family reunion
    Bring the family closer together
    Publishing on the Web is not permanent. It may be easily updated, or removed.
    Make data available beyond the death of the submitter.
  3. Why use WorldConnect to Publish and Backup your data?
    WC builds your web pages for you from a GEDCOM file you create and submit.
    Web pages are created and placed on line right after your submission.
    WC is reindexed nightly, so others can find you quickly.
    You can replace or delete your GEDCOM file (and its web pages) at any time.
    You have many options to determine which of your data is displayed.
    You can retrieve the GEDCOM file you submitted at any time.
    You control if others can download all, portions, or none of your data.
    You retain the copyright of your data.
  4. There Are Two Ways to Contribute to WorldConnect
    The original method is accessed from the "Click here" link on the Family Trees tab at
            Assign a name and password to the tree you want to upload and create,
            or provide the name and password of the tree you previously created and now want to control.
            The Standard option has 14 settings.
            The Advanced option has 36 settings.
    The new method (since Fall 2007) is accessed from the "Start Here" link on the Family Trees tab.
    (Once a tree has been created you can also access its controls from the My Account page.)
            If you are not logged into an account, it asks you to login or create a free account.
            (You can use an login account.)
            It lists the tree IDs and their titles that you've already submitted.
            You can also start a submission by providing a tree ID and Title.
            Most of the advanced options are accesible on four screens.
            Additional control options are provided.
    1. New Method - Display Options:
      Bold Names
      Uppercase Surnames
      Default Pedigree Style
      Default Pedigree Depth
      Max Pedigree Depth
      Max Register Depth
      Max Ahnentafel Depth
      Homepage URL
      Homepage Title (HTML is allowed)
      Page Heading (HTML is allowed)
      Page Footer (HTML is allowed)
      Allow HTML in GEDCOM (Place HTML links to online images in notes)
      Fix buggy CONC usage (Set to YES if words in notes are run together.)
    2. New Method - Living Person Options:
      Living Individuals (Clean or Remove)
      Cutoff Year (currrent maximum is 1930)
      Force Cutoff
      Process Descendants as Living
      Remove Notes
      Remove Sources
      Process Events as Notes
      Other tags to treat as notes
      Tags to Remove
      Message for Living
      Individuals to Remove
    3. New Method - GEDCOM Download Options:
      Allow User GEDCOM Download
      Max Download Depth
      Message for Individuals in Downloaded Gedcom
                (Message is added to Notes)
    4. New Method - Owner Information:
      Separate Owner Info
      Owner Name
      Owner Email Address
      Notify Me about Post-ems
    5. New Method - Additional options:
      Manage Post-ems
      Replace Tree with New GEDCOM
      Download GEDCOM
      Take Tree Offlin
      Delete Tree
      WorldConnect FAQs
     The rewards of publishing are commensurate with the effort you put forth.

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