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     The information in both the RUF and TUCKER databases was compiled from information researched by us and other family members over the years. (Some of this information conflicts.) There is little or no source documentation for this information. (However, there are letters from amateur genealogists who apparently copied the information they provided from original sources at the parish where the information was located.) All of the information from these sources has not yet been entered. We will continue entering this additional information. We are also in the process of verifying the information from original sources on microfilm in the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

     One of the known problems with the RUF database is that most of the information on the GLASER line (and lines branching from it) was written down as it was being read by the parish priest. No attempt was made at that time to verify the spelling of the names.

     The GEDCOM files which form the basis for these links were taken from information stored in Personal Ancestral File (PAF) Version 2.31. The ancestral links in these files include all spouses of direct ancestors and one or two generations forward from each of these links. Two generations forward from direct couples and one generation forward from links with their other spouses.

     The only common names in the two databases are for the two of us. To go from one database to the other via links you must return to Gerhard and Deon's Home Page.

RUF Database TUCKER Database
965 Individuals 2339 Individuals
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name index name index
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Primary Surnames
Ehrler, Glaser Brady, Flinders
Horrer, Laubengaier Mower, McCloy
Regenold, Reichert Purrington, Richards
Ruf, Weissbrod Robb, Tucker

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