Virus Protection for PCs

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updated 22 April 2004



    The work you do on your computer is valuable to you and to your family. There are many dangers that can result in data loss. The most important thing you can do to protect the information you cannot afford to loose is regularly back it up. Computer viruses are a significant hazard. If you receive digital information by diskette, CD, over the Internet, or by any other method, you are at risk.

  1. Why backup?
  2. What to backup
  3. How to backup
  4. Software or Programs to do backup
  5. Special Considerations
  6. Virus Overview
  7. What is a Computer Virus?
  8. What could a virus do?
  9. How are viruses spread?
  10. How can I protect myself from viruses?
  11. No single virus program recognizes all viruses. The most common programs are
        Norton AntiVirus by Symantec
        McAfee Antivirus by Network Associates
  12. Whichever one you use, also use another manufacturer's free online scanning service periodically
            click on Scan Now in Free Tools (bootom left of screen)
            click on Symantec Security Check, and then click on Go
  13. Check out specific viruses and how to clean the ones that can't be cleaned automatically at
        AVP Virus Encyclopedia
        DataFellows F-Secure Computer Virus Info Center
        McAfee Virus Information Library
        Network Associates
  14. Don't pass on virus hoaxes or urban legends. Check them out at
        Computer Incident Advisory Capability
        McAfee Virus Hoaxes
        Symantec Virus Hoaxes
        The AFU & Urban Legends Archive
        Urban Legends and Folklore

    It's not a question of, IF it will happen to you, but WHEN it will happen.


  1. Resolve to do regular backups
  2. Create a Startup Diskette
        (Start/Settings/Control Panel/Add-Remove Programs/Startup Disk Tab)
  3. Purchase Virus Scanning software
  4. Install a virus scanning program software and update it regularly
  5. Don't pass on virus hoaxes or urban legends

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