Content & Strategies for Effective Use

by Gerhard Ruf
© copyright 2001-2006
partially updated 8 Oct 2006


    Since its inception in March of 1999, the FamilySearch Internet Genealogy Service has grown to include nearly 1 billion records of individuals and gone through some major structural and content changes. Its search tools have become more effective and its offering of focused genealogical research guidance provides a significant benefit for both amateur and professional genealogists. Members of the LDS Church now have access to Temple Ordinance data and 1880 US and 1881 England Census images.

  1. The Home Tab
    1. Welcome - registering, news, download PAF or PAF Companion, Search, Get Started, Preserve, etc.
    2. News - keep track of what is happening at and new Church CD products
    3. FamilySearch Questions - now has 7 sections with 3 to 13 questions and their answers
    4. Product Support - questions and answers on 25 products (email and chat access)
    5. Order or Download Products - takes you to the online LDS catalog
      1. Download the latest version of PAF and other free products and upgrades
      2. Order other genealogical products

  2. The Search Tab (7 areas, plus ALL to search)
    1. Search for Ancestors - search in seven areas individually or all areas simultaneously
          (items b - h include over 957,000,000 records)
      1. All Resources - more effective search criteria for web pages
      2. Ancestral File - over 35 million individuals
      3. Census - over 85 million entries (1880 US, 1881 British & 1881 Canadian)
            1880 US Census images are viewable for free to registered members of the LDS Church
      4. International Genealogical Index - well over 760 million names
            Includes access to temple ordinance dates for registered members of the LDS church
            (See addendum for registration instructions)
            This is the ONLY source for ordinances completed since Jan 2000
      5. Pedigree Resource File - over 130 million names
            The index includes all the submitted data except notes, sources and ordinances
      6. US Social Security Death Index (through 1998)
      7. Vital Records Index (includes Mexico and Scandinavian Indexes - more will be added)
      8. Web Sites - over 30,000 web pages cataloged

    2. Research Guidance - the single most helpful feature of the site
          This is like having a genealogist advise you.
      1. Helps you both focus and broaden your search for family history information
      2. How to begin, tracing immigrant ancestors, organizing your files, etc.
      3. Decide on what specific information you desire and let it help you determine what types records are available
      4. Search by location, type of event and date to find types of records available
      5. Prioritizes types of records to search
      6. Links to references and resources available in the Family History Library Catalog

    3. Research Helps - most of these items were in the Source Guide on CD
      1. Includes Research Outlines, Research Guides, Forms, Word Lists, and more
      2. May be sorted by place, title, subject or document type.
      3. Many items may be ordered or read, saved or printed if you have Adobe Acrobat Reader

    4. Web Sites
      1. Search these by names, location and or category
      2. Indexed into 16 categories, and browse by category

    5. Family History Library Catalog - expanded searching ability
      1. Search by place, keyword, surname, author, subject, title, call number, film/fiche number
      2. New acquisitions are now added daily
      3. More up to date than the version at your local Family History Center

  3. The Share Tab - requires registration (1,230,000 registered) See addendum for instructions
    1. Collaboration Email Lists - (198,000 lists)
      1. Find or create lists by name, location, ethnic group, etc.
      2. Using them effectively

    2. Share My Genealogy - (Submit to Pedigree Resource Files)
      1. Why and when to share your research results
      2. Uploading your GEDCOM or ZIPped GEDCOM file
      3. Keep track of the status of your submission(s)

  4. The Library Tab
    1. Family History Library information (including FamilySearch Center in JSMB)
      1. Hours, floor plans, classes and other services, rules, donations, etc.
      2. Preparing for a visit to the library
      3. Ask questions

    2. Family History Centers - locate one of the more than 4,000 FHCs
    3. Family History Library Catalog - same access as under Search tab
    4. Education - a comprehensive list of educational services from the library and others
      1. Classes and publications by the FHL
      2. Genealogical Conferences and Institutes
      3. University and Home Study Courses

  5. Additional Items


How the website is organized
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Product Support
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  Personal Ancestral File Comp
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  1880 US Census
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  North American Vital Records
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  Western Europe Vital Records
  Fam Hist Center Inventory Mgr
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  Mormon Immigration Index
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Share My Genealogy
  Why Share My Genealogy?
  What Is Done With My Genealogy?
  How Do I Submit My Genealogy?
  Submit My Genealogy
  Check the Status of My Submission
Family History Library
  About the Family History Library
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Family History Centers
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Family History Library Catalog
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  Use Research Guidance
  Education and Training
  Family History Library Classes
  Family History Library Publications
  Research Guidance
  Genealogical Conferences
  Genealogical Institutes
  University and Home-Study Courses

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For First-Time Registrants

  1. Go to
  2. Click on either the Share tab or the words "sign on" in the upper right area of the screen.
  3. Click on "I need to register" in the left area of the screen.
  4. Enter the required information on the form.
    1. All fields preceded by an asterisk (*) must have data entered.
    2. Entering your membership record number and confirmation date (available from your ward clerk) unlocks access to the ordinance feature for you.
    3. Make up and enter a User Name and password that you can easily remember.
          Don't forget to note your selected User Name and password for future access.
    4. You must have an email address to register. If you do not have one, you can set up a free web-based email account at web sites like,, or many other web sites.
  5. Click the Register button at the bottom of the screen.
  6. The resulting screen indicates if your registration was successful or it will display a message in red indicating an error on the form.
  7. If your chosen User Name has been used by someone else, you will have to enter another one and click on the Register button again.

        Registration unlocks access to the Collaboration lists and allows submitting your GEDCOM file to the Pedigree Resource File. If you also enter valid membership information, you will have access to Ordinance data in the International Genealogical Index and free access to 1880 US Census images.

* * * * * * * * * *

  Adding Your Membership Information - For Previously Registered Individuals
  1. Go to
  2. Click on either the Share tab or the words "sign on" in the upper right area of the screen.
  3. Enter your User Name and Password, place a check mark in the box preceding "I am a member ...", and click on the Sign On button.
  4. Add your membership record number and confirmation date in the fields provided and update any other information previously provided.
  5. Click on the Register button at the bottom of the screen.

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