Hastings Map28.gif (25681 bytes)
The blue line is the Hastings Trail, the yellow dot is the location
of the camera and the yellow arrow is the camera direction

Roy_Tea_Hastings_Road_NE_of_Floating_Island2.jpg (27705 bytes)

Photograph: Copyright 1986 Roy D. Tea

Made 11/5/86, Great Salt Lake Desert, Utah.

View looking generally northwest. The Hastings/Donner-Reed Trail is seen at the center of the photograph heading for the Silver Island Mountains. On this portion of the salt mud flat the trail is easily distinguished from the fresh tracks of the modern vehicles and can be identified by the lighter-colored traces across the plain. At the extreme right is Silver Island Point where the wagons went around this mountain barrier. Floating Island is the dark object at the top of the plain on the far left.

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