Utah Amateur Radio Club
Photos from 2018 Homebrew Night
October 11, 2018

On October 11, 2018, UARC held its annual “Homebrew Night,” an opportunity for members of the club to show home-built amateur radio equipment.

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Lathe controller
Chuck Johnson, WA7JOS, shows his lathe controller.
  KG7OHV portable antenna
Robert Jelf, KG7OHV, assmbles his “homebrew hamstick”
  KG7OHV and guy ring
Robert with his guy ring
  KA7OEI and Power/SWR bridge
Clint, KA7OEI, showing his digital power and SWR Bridge

  KA7OEI and down-converter
Clint, KA7OEI, with a down-converter used for transmitting on the 630- and 2200-meter bands. It takes a 5 MHz input and converts it to about a half watt on the desired band to drive ampliers on the new bands.

  Broadcast radio running on 12 volts
Glen, WA7X, has converted an old broadcast radio to run on 12 volts, but use tubes.

  Dave Ward with Directional 
Dave Ward, AE7E, showing his directional coupler and display for a VHF SWR bridge.

  WA7PZJ and box for Bitx 
         QRP rig
John Gardner, WA7PZJ, has found attractive boxes for the Bitx QRP transceiver.

Two of John's Boxes
Closeup of two of John's completed units.

(Photos by K7RLS)


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