Utah Amateur Radio Club
Visit to Lake Mountain August 20, 2011

A trip to UARC's 146.76 repeater to install a new link reciever coincided with a visit by the “76ers,” a group of the repeater's users.

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The building and towers.
(Photo by K7HFV)

The (almost) entire group assembled under the 120-foot tower. This was taken by KA7OEI with KF7OZK's camera and calls inserted by KF7KGK.

K7HFV shows the repeater to a group.
(Photo by KF7OZK)

A view from the 60-foot level on the tower.
(Photo by KA7OEI)

View from the transmit antenna and blockage to the north.
(Photo by KA7OEI)

Clint, KA7OEI, prepares cables for the new link receiver using the tower base as a workbench.
(Photo by KF7OZK)

The mountaintop is not as barren as it might first appear.
(Photo by KF7OZK)


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