Utah Amateur Radio Club
Photos from UARC Field Day 2013

June 22 and 23 were the dates of the annual nationwide Field Day contest. UARC entered from its customary site near Payson Lakes on the Mt. Nebo Scenic Loop. Here are some scenes captured by various photographers.

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The whole operation. The bright red tent on the left is the CW tent; just below it is the “Baker Tent” used mostly for 15-meter SSB; the red and white tent is the SSB station used on 20, 40, and 80; and the large brown tent just above it (the famous “GP Medium”) houses the “Get on the Air” (GOTA) station.
(Photo by K7HFV)

The Communications on Wheels (“COW”) trailer contains the generator and a 75-foot tower.
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(Photo by K7RLS)

Ted, KC7PM, operates the CW station.
(Photo by K7HFV)

Lonnie, K7LO, long-suffering coach in the “GOTA” tent, works on the operators' log.
(Photo by K7RLS)

The J-Pole Class is officially announced.
(Photo by KA7MWQ)

Chuck, WA7JOS (l), runs the J-pole construction.
(Photo by KA7MWQ)

After construction comes check-out.
(Photo by WA7JOS)


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