Timpanogos Emergency Response Dive Squad

Who We Are

We are heroic volunteer mountain rescue divers specializing in dramatic high altitude dives, standing ready to help those who run afoul of Mount Timpanogos’s dangerous waters. Actually, we are still in the initial stages of informally organizing the squad, since we have yet to arrange pack horses to make a training dive at Emerald Lake (or a training wade at Hidden Lakes).

What We Do

If someone falls into a lake on Timp, and if we are called upon to rescue them, and if we are able to arrange sufficient support to assemble gear and get transport up the mountain, and if our nitrogen is at a safe level, then we will boldly deploy into the water to rescue the unfortunate soul. This we do that others may breathe.


Don’t try this at home. Or rather, don’t try this on Mt. Timpanogos. Diving at high altitude is dangerous, and a frigid lake in a wilderness area is not a good place to get bent or blow a lung. The laws of physics include a death penalty. Your dive tables don’t apply well at high altitude, and your dive computer probably won’t work well either. In fact, above 10,000 feet quite a few things change because of atmospheric pressure differences. See:

For general information on enjoying Mt. Timp safely, go to Hiking Mount Timpanogos Safely.