Timpanogos Emergency Response Dive Squad

Who We Are

We are heroic volunteer mountain rescue divers specializing in dramatic high altitude dives, standing ready to help those who run afoul of Mount Timpanogos’s dangerous waters. In at least one way we are better trained than other dive teams because we have Zombie Apocalyse Diver certification, and can therefore deal with an unexpected and extreme emergency that would leave other rescuers flatfooted and stupified.

What We Do

If someone falls into a lake on Timp, and if we are called upon to rescue them, and if we are able to catch a timely flight up the mountain, and if our nitrogen is at a safe level, then we will boldly deploy into the water to rescue the unfortunate soul. Hoc facimus ut alii spirent: this we do that others may breathe.


This web page was put together on a bored evening; it is a bit facetious. But this warning is serious: don’t try this at home. Or rather, don’t try this on Mt. Timpanogos. Diving at altitudes above 10,000 feet is experimental diving, not recreational diving. Dive tables don’t apply, and your dive computer won’t work correctly either. In fact, above 10,000 feet quite a few things change because of atmospheric pressure differences. A frigid lake high in a wilderness area is not a good place to have a dive accident. The laws of physics include a death penalty.

If you’re curious about diving at lower high altitudes, take a look right here:

For general information on enjoying Mt. Timp safely, go to Hiking Mount Timpanogos Safely.