Robert Campbell and Sarah Whitnah

Robert Campbell Sarah Whitnah
Birth: 1781 in Virginia(1) Birth: 1790 in Virginia(2)
Marriage: 8 June 1817 Berkeley County, Virginia(3)
Death: 7 March 1858 (4) in Virginia
Father: Henry F. Whitenah
Mother: Margaret Burns

Robert and Sarah Campbell lived next to Sarah's brother, John G. Whitenah in Berkeley County, Virginia. Sarah was buried on the property (See Grave of Sarah (Whitenah) Campbell and Campbell Cemetary).

Robert and Sarah are the parents of the following children(5):
  1. Henry Campbell, born 1818 in Virginia.
  2. Frances (Fannie) Campbell, born 1824 in Virginia. Her will was written 15 Sep 1889 in which she left her land to her brother.


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