Bill Swinyard

Bill Swinyard

In a realizaton that my page has nearly no content I have moved most of the off site links to a links page and decided to let my page be bare.

This is experimental, if I like it it'll stay, I'm letting you add a link right here, try it.
Old Links are available.

Here's resources about a few of my interests.

Me, skydiving.

cgi programming in perl is of interest recently. Check out the lame or Netscape Enhanced versions of my page.
Computer graphics programs are a fun diversion, mostly I just make page banners.
Check out my Random Internet Camera page and take a peek, somewhere, could be anywhere.
Add a Page my add-your-page, page.

Miscellaneous stuff

Here are the stories of Bastard Operator from Hell , a man wise beyond his years.
Visit my site for managing home poker tournament games.

Mail me , or if you really have to page me.