Day 3 Guernsey to Glendo Wy
5 miles sightseeing the ruts and Register Cliff
38.5 miles to Glendo
Total 43.5 miles


My oldest son John is an avid bicycle rider and rode his bicycle across the United States in 1997. He always told me that when you have a really good high energy day you usually have a very bad day the next. Today we proved that to be true. We started out the day by eating breakfast and then visiting the trail ruts and register cliff. We were quite stiff and sore but we got the muscles warmed up. We did our sight seeing with unloaded bikes and then came back to camp to pack up and get back on the road. The road west out of Guernsey is a lot of climbing and huge rollers. Two of the hills were so steep and long that they had passing lanes. We had no energy and struggled up every one of those hills. We stopped at a house on Pepper road for water and talked to the old man who lived there. He was a fun old man to visit with. Then we rode the 2.5 miles of dirt on Pepper road to avoid 2 miles of freeway. Then we rode the access road that ran along the freeway. It may have been safer than riding on the freeway but where the freeway cut through the rollers, the access road went over the top of them. It was mentally a killer to ride over those hills when the freeway right next door didn't. It was especially hard because it was so hot and we felt so bad. Eventually the road left the freeway and went east back toward the river. The hills were not so bad but by this time of day it was really hot and we were running low on water again. We passed several markers that let us know that we riding within several hundred yards of the old trail. I developed cramps in my right leg and was pedaling with only my left. It was hot and I lagged behind but the kids were patient with me. We made it over the last hill before Glendo and decided to cut our day short (it was 4:00) and get a motel room in Glendo. There isn't much in Glendo. To get a motel room I had to read and sign a disclaimer that said there wasn't any TV reception, no phones, the trains ran all night and were very noisy. There were also no refunds. It was air conditioned so we got the room. We rented and watched the movie Miss Congeniality while we downed a lot of fluids including a gallon of milk and a package of cookies. We found a restaurant and had supper. In Wyoming it is still legal to smoke in public places so we set near the swamp cooler vent were the air quality was better. We left the air conditioner fan in the motel running all night and it helped to drown out the noise of the trains. We slept well.

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