Informix OnLine Dynamic Server Handbook
by Carlton Doe

Published July, 1997 by Prentice Hall Professional Technical Reference

ISBN 0-13-605296-7

April 28, 1999: Psst! My NT book has been released!

What a rush! This book has been translated into Russian! For more information, click here.

After many, many months of late night toiling, my book is now out! You can purchase it at any of the major on-line booksellers or at larger, more technically-oriented bookstores. While I may possibly be a bit biased, I think it's quite a good book.

What's it all about? It's an A - Z, what-do-I-have-to-do-to-use-the-engine handbook. I stay away from the real low-level bits and bytes discussions which you can read in the OnLine Administrators Guide that came with the software. Instead, I try to explain all the relevant and important information you need to know to effectively and efficiently use the engine. Click here to read Prentice Hall's description of the book.

Follow this link to see my Table of Contents.

If you've read the book, have you found any errors, bugs, mistakes? Please, let me know. Click here to see typos and errors that will be corrected in the next version.

If you've read the book and would just like to send me your comments or suggestions for the next edition, I would appreciate a message from you.