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--- 4/11/2005 ---

New version of Pfhorge is out (0.95), decided to go back to a regular version number.

I fixed a few crashing issues with the preferences, and a few other minor issues. If I have more time after school is done, I will try to get the replacement visual mode done, which will include the ability to place textures in the visual mode.

--- 12/21/2004 ---

A new version of the documentation for Pfhorge has been uploaded.

Sorry I have not been able to do anything with Pfhorge the last few months, but I have been extremely busy lately. I had to make a complier and a simulator (simulating a really strange computer architecture). And I had to develop a agent for a chess program. I hope during the christmas break I have some time to work on Pfhorge.

--- 7/6/2004 ---

A new version of the manual is available in the download section.

I am almost done with my summer classes, and will start working again on Pfhorge soon.

--- 5/28/2004 ---

A manual for Pfhorge has been written by Sean Shaw, and can be downloaded in the download section.

--- 4/16/2004 ---

I have just released RC15. I still have a last few things to do before a 1.0 version. Here is some of the stuff I did:

1. When you are zoomed in, dragging around things should be a lot more accurate.

2. You can no longer create lights that have both a zero period for there inactive and active parts of there cycle at the same time. If you have a light like that, it will make Aleph One hang when it loads the map (it won't do anything, but show you a black screen).

3. I fixed a problem with dragging around single points with the arrow tool when 'Snap To Point' is turned on.

4. Fixed a problem with terminal, it was not converting LF's to CL's (0A char's to 0D char's) when exporting the map to the Marathon/Aleph map format. THis would make Aleph/Marathon display a square mark instead of making a new line.

5. Fixed a number of spelling mistakes (thanks Sean).

6. Fixed a problem where when you typed something in the inspector, you would have to click twice in the map to select or do anything.

7. When the drawer with a color list (like ceiling height view mod), and you selected a color, unless you then click in the map somewhere the view mode menu would be grayed out. I have fixed this.

8. When you selected using a bounding rectangle (selecting things by dragging), it would not undo that change if you choose undo. This has been fixed.

9. I will release the plugin kit soon (you can get it on the public CVS server right now if you want).

10. I am sure there are other changes, but I don't recall them right now.

--- 4/12/2004 ---

I will have a new update released very soon.

--- 12/11/2003 ---


I just found out that undo's are not registered if you select something by clicking and dragging a bounding box. Undo will work just fine if you click one thing at a time, but not if you select things by dragging the mouse.

Movement undo's work on the current selected stuff on the map, so you could get in the situation were you moved something then you select something else by dragging your mouse, since the undo system does not undo your new selections, it will first undo the deselection of the other stuff on the map (if there are any), then it will undo the movement on the currently selected items, including the new stuff you just selected. So if you intend to undo movements, only select items one at a time. You can use the shift key, that works just fine with undo.

This will be fixed at the next build release, which will be sometime during the weekend.

--- 12/09/2003 ---

I Just released RC14. Here are just some of the changes (another build coming next week, and yes I will try to fix the keyboard/mouse issue in Visual Mode :)

It puts in support for undoing/redoing selection changes, and movement changes. It appears to work, but please tell me of any problems you have!

Although, it currently clears the undo stack if there is a layer, or view mode change. Or if an object has been deleted (undo stack may reference an object that was removed from the level).

When I put undo support for object creation and deletion, and undo support for other view modes, some of these restrictions will go away.

You can edit Annotation Notes by double clicking on them. You can also move them around and select them. Right now, it moving one around may get slightly off from your current mouse location, I will fix this in the next release.

Annotation notes had a couple of minor problems with layers that has now been fixed.

Optimized point loading (mainly when importing marathon maps, although it also helps in other situations).

The note group manager can be used to set the visibility and color of annotation notes, you can add them programatically, but you can add, delete, or change the color of notes just yet in the GUI. I will add this support into the next release.

The line tool works much better now in terms of not leaving extra points lying around, and not letting you create a zero length line, and not letting you create more than one line between two points.

There is now a startup screen that automatically closes. It's open when the textures from the shapes file is loading.

There is a plugin kit available for Pfhorge (it's in the CVS server) I can send it to you if you want to. Need to update the documentation on it though...

There are some other bug fixes that I have not mentioned... Hopefully there will be no bugs added in this release like there was in the previous one :)

--- 11/24/2003 ---

RC13 is now out. It has some major changes. Please see the RC13 section of the read me for details.

--- 11/18/2003 ---

I am working on fixing up the small bugs. Specifically, I am working on making the texture inspector work better. Landscapes should be much better, and a few other things. I am also working on a auto-texture aligning option, so you can have pfhorge auto-align textures easily.

I am going to get Annotation Notes editable very soon. I am going to improve the various color coded 2D view modes.

I hope to have the next update with these and other fixes within the next 2 weeks. After I get these fixes done I might be to the point where I can finally have a full 1.0 version, we will see when I get to that point.

--- 11/5/2003 ---

RC12D is now released. It includes a lot of little fixes and features. There is a new "Note Group Manager" option. You may see this used when importing PID maps in the future. Also in the future, you will be able to add and delete groups. Right now you can't add groups, etc. But you will soon.

You still can't edit annotation notes, but you will be very soon in the next update.

--- 10/13/2003 ---

I will be releasing another update soon. It will have better PID importing, and it will also have some fixes to placing object in layers (sometimes the get placed on the wrong polygon in a different layer). There will be other fixes, these are just a few of them.

I will also be releasing a .sitx or .dmg file of it at the same time.

--- 9/11/2003 ---

I know that I have not updated this for a while, so let me just say that I hope to do more with Pfhorge in the future, and finish up the last few things. Pfhorge is on a CVS server, so if more want to help me with the code, feel free!

I also don't know why I have called it a Pre-Release for so long. I thought I was close to finishing it a long time ago, and just look the the RC number now :) ....

Here are the minor changes:

I made a slight change to make it work with Forge and make it work better with Aleph One when you export a map.

It also includes some changes made by Loren to the visual mode, it apparently lets you control the initial platform position better. I have not tested this my self so good luck :)

--- 8/03/2003 ---

Pfhorge 12B is now out.

Joe Auricchio's changelog:

-Activated "Z" hotkey for zoom tool.
-Implemented the zoom tool to recenter the window on click point and zoom in. Option-key makes it zoom out.
-Fixed the zoom in and out to keep the window's center the same, i.e. do the Right Thing not the Wrong Thing. Right Thing good. Wrong Thing bad.
-Combined deleteForward and deleteBackward methods, as they are identical.

-After text or zoom tools fail, we go back to the arrow tool and abort the current tool; rather than making the zoom/text act like the arrow tool, we give the user the next best thing.
-Minor tweaks to mouseDownNormal so the event loop doesn't get fouled up if an error dialog comes up. In fact, any time a tool fails to work (returns NO), we just bail out as there's no more need for an event loop. (With the exception of the arrow tool!)
-Added declaration for drawAnnotationNotes to LEMapDraw.h to remove a needless "does not respond to message" warning.
-LEPaletteArrowTool etc constants are now unused (LEPaletteController)

-Added hotkeys for line, arrow, poly fill, hand tools (LEPaletteController). Hotkeys for text and zoom are ready as soon as the tools themselves are implemented.

• I fixed a problem with the clockwise/counter clockwise radio button in some inspectors.

• Fixed a few other minor problems.

--- 7/31/2003 ---

RC12 is now released. Incase you are wondering, Joe Auricchio had a big hand in a number of changes in RC12, they are listed below:

Joe Auricchio's changelog:

-The snap isn't *perfect* (rounding errors, limited accuracy, etc) but it's good enough for now. However, as a consequence of all the new stuff, it's a bit more sluggish than before while dragging to create a new line. There's probably a lot more optimization that could be done but for now it's not a problem (tested on a 700Mhz G3 iMac with 768MB RAM)
-Now there's an option of right-angle (0,90,180,270) or isometric (0,60,120,180,240,300) snap. Works.
-Added code to the drag loop in LEMapDraw::mouseDownNormal to support simple lock-to-angle functionality. As I write this it's hardcoded to 90 or 270 degrees (right or left horizontal lines)

-Wrote an azimuth function for LELine that returns its angle in degrees
-Wrote an angle function for LELine that returns its angle in Marathon units (0-512)
- Wrote LELine::recalc which recalculates the line's angle (0-512), azimuth (degrees), length, and anything else... This should be called when:
-- The line's endpoints change (through setMapPoint1 & similar methods)
-- When a point changes its location, it should call recalc on each line it is an endpoint of. There is a method to do this, LEMapPoint::tellLinesAttachedToMeToRecalc
-Wrote LEMapPoint::distanceToPoint & distanceToNSPoint
-Reimplemented the nearestMapPoint etc as methods of LEMapPoint
I really, really want Fix & Continue!

-Fixed a new bug in CVS by replacing the unworking closestPointOrGridIntersectionTo with the new, working nearestGridPoint function.
-If the user holds the Control key while dragging with a tool (most notably object, arrow, or line), the snap-to-grid setting is temporarily inverted.
-If the user holds the Control key while starting a line, the snap-from-grid setting is temporarily inverted.
-Snap-from-grid and snap-from-points are implemented, however there are no user-accessible settings for them yet. I would rather work on the areas I've already figured out than go on a safari learning how the prefs system works, and so I will leave the implementation of user-accessible settings for these features to someone else.
-useLineTool completely rewritten. Here is the order of snap: If the user clicks directly upon a point, it will be the source of the line. If the user clicks within snap range of a point, and snap-from-point is on, the closest point will be used. If the user clicks within snap range of a grid intersection, and snap-from-grid is on, the closest grid intersection will be used (if there are any points in range they will be used, even if the closest point is farther than the closest grid intersection. This is usually what one wants, and one can simply toggle one or other setting to get the other behavior). Finally, if the user has not clicked directly on a point, and the snap-froms fail (either no nearby points/grids, or they are disabled), then a new point is created to start the line.

• tiennou helped me find a fix a couple of platform editing problems, also helped me with some tag problems with platforms, he has helped implement checksuming, and diagnosed and fixed a problem with merged maps (they now work because of this)!

• I still have some transparency texture problems to figure out (thanks knology).

• There are a number of small bug fixes here and there that I did...

--- 7/15/2003 ---

Released RC11f:

• Apparently, another bug was introduced a short while ago that made it impossible to open Marathon formated maps. This has been fixed this this version.

• Less console output.

--- 7/13/2003 ---

Released RC11e:

• knology just notified me of a couple of bugs, and I fixed them. They are:

• Crash upon saving introduced in RC11d fixed. Sorry about this one, wish somebody would of told me about this earlier.

• Texture reset when changing the effect or mode of a texture (landscape, wobble, slide, etc.).

• Note: You must change the effect of a line to "Landscape" using the menus in the lower right corner of the Texture Inspector if you are using a landscape texture.

--- 7/9/2003 ---

RC11d is released.

• Loren Petrich totally rewrote the Pathways Into Darkness (PID) importing support in Pfhorge. It does a much better job now.

• Merging in Pfhorge works much better now thanks to tiennou.

• There have been a lot of small bug fixes.

• Texture Inspector has been improved. It is now possible to select landscape textures, and textures from other collections.

• Next version of Pfhorge will further improve the texture inspector selection menu, so it is faster selecting the texture you want. And I will make a menu command that resets all walls, floors, and ceilings to the levels default texture collection.

--- 6/24/2003 ---

RC11c is now out, it fixes a few things... :)

--- 6/22/2003 ---

I have released RC11b:

• This fixes a PID map opening error.

• Lets you import the first level of a PID map into an existing level (Thanks Loren Petrich). This will soon let you choose which level to import.

• Improves import a Marathon level/map into an existing level. If it has more then one level, the first level will be used. I will soon let you choose which level.

--- 6/20/2003 ---

Update: Please note that this version has a slight problem opening PID maps, I will uploaded a new build of RC11 soon that will fix this.

I have released RC11:

• I have fixed a few issues with the naming system, but I still have some more work to do on this.

• The default system is going to be the next thing I fix up.

• I fixed a bunch of memory related problems.

• I added very basic support for Pathways Into Darkness maps.

• I fixed a lot of problems thought the program, especial some problems related to platforms.

I still have a lot of little things to fix in Pfhorge, but I though I would release one more RC.

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