Gene Barry

June 14, 1919 - December 9, 2009 (obituary)

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Meet the man behind the screen and off the stage! Here's a quick overview of his life, followed by an informative biography that covers his career and life.

Television Credits
You may know Gene Barry only as Bat Masterson or Amos Burke - here's lots of info about his tv series and appearances.
Movie Credits
Remember "The War of the Worlds"? He starred in many, many more! Refresh your memory by reading the plots.

Stage Credits
His first love was the stage. You'll find a list of his stage credits and the theatres he's played.
Radio / Club / Etc. Credits
He performed at many clubs throughout his career.  Nan saw his recent performance at the Oak Room.

Hundreds of  pictures spanning his career. Many other photos are available throughout the site.
Honors and Awards
His stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and Palm Springs Star Walk, awards he's received, more.

Info about his record albums, the series' novels, the board games, comic books, the Rolls Royce, and much more.
Last Will and Testament of Charles Lounsbury
This famous essay has been a part of Gene Barry's club performances for a number of years.

A Chat With Gene Barry
Nan interviewed Gene Barry about some of his career activities - you'll want read this!
This section contains news articles and press releases, either in their entirety or links to online sources. 

Letters from Fans
If you have met Gene Barry, or have comments about him, send us an email and we may include it. 
Resources we used in our research, and credits.

Web sites where this Fan Page is listed, and awards we have received.
Who are We?
A little bit about Nan and Glenda, the fans who put this site together.  It is with deep sadness that I report Nan's passing on Dec. 10, 2009.

What's New?
If you've been here before, check this page to see what we've added most recently.

 Gene Barry
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