Photos of the 1962 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II
from Burke's Law and Amos Burke, Secret Agent

The Rolls Royce from the original Burke's Law and Amos Burke, Secret Agent television series was recently acquired by Mr. Jim Inglis, who sent in photos and this introduction:
Here are some pictures of my newly acquired 1962 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud ll, the actual car used in the "Burke's Law" and "Amos Burke, Secret Agent" television series.

A little history of the car: It was acquired by Four Star Productions for use in the "Burke's Law" series. As you know,this car was featured in every episode, playing a central "casting role," with loyal Henry chauffering his boss, Captain Amos Burke, along with many gorgeous Hollywood celebrities of the day. It's just hard to imagine the number of famous female Hollywood stars whose derrieres have graced that back seat!!!

When Four Star Productions decided that Amos Burke/Gene Barry should become what many other Hollywood stars were reincarnated as in the mid '60's -a Secret Agent- the series became "Amos Burke, Secret Agent." Amos Burke now had many tricks up his sleeve - among them, a "video" camera that was built into his Rolls Royce (the same Rolls Royce used in "Burke's Law"). The "lens" for that camera was contained in a spotlight that affixed to the car for the series (it is still on the car today, along with the window decal that you can see in some close ups on the lower right hand windshield).

After the end of its use by Four Star Productions, it was declared surplus and a director of Four Star Productions, Robert Gageby, acquired the car, immediately taking it to his home in Washington, D.C., where at one subsequent point it even made an appearance at the White House!!! The car was retained in the family for over 30 years, afterwards going through several owners.

It is now at my home in Florida,where I plan to refurbish the paint at some point (it was repainted in the '70's). Other than that, it will remain an original car; a pretty cool piece of television/Gene Barry history...

Thanks..Jim Inglis